Friday, August 8, 2014

Five on Friday

1. We have a new accessory in our home: the baby gate. I am totally not used to it - I have already rammed into it twice. Let me tell you, metal to the shins wakes you up even better than coffee.

2. I invested in a new hairdryer so I no longer look homeless. Dan is happy and work is no longer concerned with my mental health.

3. Dan went to get Olivia up from her nap and her crib looked like this:

Apparently pulling dirty clothes out of her hamper (left) and dragging them into her crib with her soothes her to sleep. She slept for 2 hours on top of this mess. 

Time to move the hamper.

4. Olivia has a new favorite past time. Once we can explain to her how to put the dishes away, I think this will be a win for all involved.

5. I looked at my phone for 7 seconds to text someone back and this chick dumps a bag of M&Ms on the floor and starts shoving them in her mouth. Girl after my own heart!

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