Sunday, August 3, 2014

First Birthday Inspiration

If you guys have seen Pinterest lately, you can tell I have decided on the theme for Olivia's first birthday party.

I figure this is the only year .. maaaybe next year - that I can have full control over her party. Pretty soon it'll be my least favorite Disney Princess or something ridiculously hard to find.

Inspiration came awhile ago when I saw this picture:

Yes, glasses of alcohol inspired my child's first birthday. And to top it off, this was the second piece of inspiration:


I have decided that the 'theme' will simply be blush and gold colors. And that, yes, cocktails will be served. 

I pinned so many cute DIY things. Smash cake. Cake toppers. Paper straws. Little toothpicks with flags on them.

I know by the time her birthday rolls around I won't have my life together and none of it will get done.

But, hey, a girl can pin!

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