Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Destin 2014

We all remember that the car ride to Destin wasn't much fun, but the rest of the trip was a blast. (Until we headed home ...) 

Olivia was taking 3 hour naps the first couple days. It was amazing. But so unexpected. We kept saying "she'll be up any minute" and wouldn't head to the beach or anything.

Almost all of these pictures, my mom took. 

My parent's don't have a bathtub yet, so Olivia bathed in the kitchen sink!

For breakfast, I had to be her high chair. 

First time at the beach photos!

First time in the water.

She didn't like it! :(

At one point, I swear she said da-da-pa. So that's what we've been calling my dad.

Love's the beach!

Baby blues and pretzel treats.

Finally getting a little hair.

Despite the way it looks in this picture, she loves me.

Date night! My parents babysat.

A family photo where we only had to worry about Olivia looking forward (not Koda too!)

Taking a selfie!

She looks sweet in the other pictures, but this is really her personality!

And most of our beach pictures turned out like this:


  1. You all are so photogenic! But, I have to agree about the last two! Funny!

  2. I love the first family one on the beach with Olivia's hand in the air! She is adorable! It looks like such a great vacation (sorry the car rides weren't as great)!

    1. Such a great vacation. I'd go through the car rides again to head back to Destin right now. ;)