Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Week 1 Lifesavers

 Dan and I are very new at this whole parenting thing. I am sure there are many people who have it down much better than we do. But here are a few things that we found to be lifesavers for our first week home. 

  • Boppy pillow: It allows people to hold her without their arms getting tired. It is good for breastfeeding. And it adds a little more support for those who are nervous while holding her. Definitely something we used right away at the hospital. Dan also thinks it makes good lumbar support and a great neck pillow. He is proposing putting one in each room of the house.
  • Aden and Anais blankets: They are pretty and soft, but most importantly breathable. Those first few days you are constantly worried that your baby is okay. Knowing that this blanket can cover your babies face, and they will still be able to breathe is very comforting.
  • Hand Sanitizer: for every room in the house.
  • Night Lights: When you are up and down all night, feeding the baby, putting her back down, etc, you need some light to see where you are going. I tried to give Dan a normal amount of sleep every night (someone should sleep) and felt bad always turning on lights, or making him sleep with the bathroom light on so that I could see her. We finally bought night lights for our room, the nursery and the hallway, and it has been very convenient.
  • Paper plates: Dishes? Aint nobody got time for that.
  • These: If you are breastfeeding, just buy them. They are awesome.
  • Always Infinity pads: Since my dad reads this, I wont go into details. But, if you haven't bought pads since middle school, know that they are not all created equal. Thank me later.
  • Bouncy Seat: We have a hand-me-down one from my cousin that Olivia loves. Its nice to be able to set her down in something cozy while we watch tv, etc. Its also nice to have a place to put her while she is awake and alert and can look all around the room.
  • Waterproof changing pad covers: These get peed on at least twice a day - its much easier than washing and replacing the changing pad cover every time. 
  • Hats from the hospital: Steal a few of these. None of her hats fit her - they were all too big. The hospital ones are much smaller and stretchy. With it starting to get cold here, she wears a hat most of the time. 
  • Tissues: After you have a baby your hormones are crazy, worse than when you were pregnant. I heard many people say they had full on meltdowns around day 7 - crying all day - for no reason - simply because of the hormones. I told Dan to expect that. (Here we are talking more 'baby blues' than postpartum depression -- something much more serious, hormone driven (ie not the fault of the mother), that women should seek help for). I think I had the opposite of the baby blues. I cried because I loved her. I cried because she was so perfect. I cried because I have never been happier. It was very weird because I never cried while pregnant. But Dan was ready. It only lasted a few minutes each day, and we laughed all through it because we knew each time it was such a ridiculous reason to cry. Know that its beyond your control, and be prepared with a handful of tissues around the house. 
  • Food from friends: If you are like me, you don't like accepting 'help.' Your closest friends will offer to bring you food. Let them. If they don't cook, they'll bring you alcohol - JUST as helpful. Feeding you always gets put on the back burner, which can affect breastfeeding. Humbly accept their offers and know that you'll pay them back in the future. Hopefully the very near future (wink wink).
  • These two:

They'll cook and clean. They'll hold your baby while you run to target. They'll hold your baby while they force you to take a nap. They'll remind you to eat breakfast and lunch by delivering it to you and have dinner on the table each night. They'll keep the kitchen clean. They'll vacuum, dust, wash their sheets, clean the guest bathrooms, and stock your fridge before they leave. These two made the transition from hospital to home much easier than had it just been Dan and I.

If grandparents offer to help, let them. If they just want to come 'play with the baby' or hold her while telling your husband to do the leg work, or ask you what is for dinner kindly send them back home. :) 


  1. Awwww, made us cry! Kinda like you 'cuz you love Olivia! :-)

  2. Answer me one question
    WHO the heck is Olivia???