Thursday, October 10, 2013

Can I work from home?

Dear Boss,

Since everything I do is on the computer, I was wondering if I could work from home these last few days prior to baby girl being here. My reasons, from least to most important, are as follows:
  1. I do not own work shoes that fit my feet. 
    • I would rather wear slippers or flip flops. Or better yet, the huge fuzzy flip flop slippers that are on clearance at Target. 
  2. I can not make it the whole commute home from work without having to stop to pee.
    • I am pretty sure my dad thought my mom was talking me through contractions the other day.
  3. I have finally gained enough weight that my work chair no longer holds me. It slowly sinks all the way to the floor. 
    • It's pretty embarrassing. Especially when 300 pound Lewis starts laughing at you.

Should I be that honest? Or should I just make up reasons for working from home that are less embarrassing than the truth? 

PS - For those wondering if I have had the baby .. click here.


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