Monday, October 14, 2013

Destin 2013

We went to Destin .. oh .. around three months ago. Remember that post about me catching up with pictures on my old computer? Well I am still chugging along at it - and should be finished here shortly.

Destin is my favorite place ever. The condo is so relaxing. It reminds me of being off of work, laziness, good friends and family. 

My parents like to come on the bookends of summer. Either the April / May timeframe or the September / October months. They don't like the hot hot heat or the crowds. I, however, love the heat and the crowds. 

We had crazy weather this summer, so it never got too hot. Stayed in the high 80s / low 90s while we were in Destin in July. The crowds, however, are just part of the scene. 

You can head down to the beach early in the morning before the summer-breakers are out. The lake-like ocean is beautiful.

And about a half hour later, the beach turns into this. 

At least we always have a front row seat. 

The first half of the week, it was just Dan and myself. A mini babymoon. Our last time at the beach just as a family of 3 (koda .. duh). 

This makes me laugh - Koda is not photogenic.

The second half, Dan's mom joined us.

I wish I had posted this right after the vacation - I am sure there are so many things that I have forgotten (my reason for keeping this blog up to date). 

We ate at Cuvee Bistro for the first time. And then again for the second time. It was honestly one of the best restaurants that I have been to. We had a wonderful waiter that helped us decide what to order (and what I could eat off the menu) - and I would go back in a heartbeat.

We also ate at Vintij Wine Boutique. The atmosphere wasn't nearly as nice as the menu (next to a Subway, but had a trendy, colorful interior). They had a grouper with wasabi mashed potatoes on special that was absolutely delicious! If I knew they were having the special again, I would be back in a heartbeat. 

We hit up the outlet mall a little bit, had some Starbucks each day, and did a lot of sleeping. Dan was in the midst of the first few weeks of mono - and I was at the height of my anemia issues. The relaxing week was much needed!

It is funny to look back at pictures and think about how pregnant I thought I looked. I even carried a beer down to Dan a couple times and just knew that everyone was judging the pregnant woman with the beer. In hindsight, they probably thought I just drank one too many of those!

My dad told me to ensure that baby girl didn't get burned in Destin. I forgot to send him this picture.

Koda did a lot of relaxing while we there. She thoroughly enjoyed looking out of the balcony, playing on the beach, and sleeping every chance she could. 

(For those of you wanting to stay in the condo - my parents just got new sofas. They are Koda-hair-free!)

She was a little high maintenance on the car ride. She would prefer we had a truck with three seats in the front. She likes to be in the action and get in the middle. 

Her compromise was laying her head on the center console and then her feet in the backseat. Seemed uncomfortable, but she was happy with it. 

She would peek through the side when she made her move from the middle. What a clown.

We are going to be ten times worse when it is our child instead of our dog. :) 

Now that I am finally going through these pictures, I want to go back so bad. Maybe Dan and I should retire and just move to the beach?

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