Wednesday, October 9, 2013

38 Weeks

Again, a little late on this one. I will definitely do better for the 39 week one - I am excited about that photo. 

The wind blew my dress, so this is a little inappropriate. But I also wore leggings as pants to work on Monday - so 'inappropriate' is my mantra these days. It's fitting. 

She's been moving around quite a bit. Dan suggested that she is packing her things and getting ready to leave. :) 

If she is her father's daughter, she is doing every single unnecessary task or project around the house, instead of packing, and making us late for our roadtrip. ...wait. Somehow that went away from baby girl. All I am saying is, we have no idea when she will arrive and that's the fun in it!

We still don't have a name. But we will have one when we leave the hospital (baby has to have a name to get on our health insurance). The monogram for the nursery will be ordered post name choosing.

Our glider was supposed to arrive on 9/19. If you call Pottery Barn kids, you'll here anything from 'it is already at your house', to 'you'll get a phone call about its status on 10/27.'

The dresser was never supposed to arrive on time, because apparently Buy Buy Baby has to wait for the tree to grow before building it. 

Her clothes aren't washed, but that is on today's to-do list. Hospital bag is half packed, but the car seat is in the car!

This is all her showing to us that we are no longer in control. My type-a self is getting very used to it. People around me are panicking much more than we are. We have diapers, wipes, a place for her to sleep, and some snuggly blankets. AND, most importantly, a Halloween costume. Plus - its Charlotte, NC - there are Targets everywhere. 

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