Saturday, October 19, 2013

More Pumpkin Pictures

More pictures that we took during the 39 week photoshoot.:

Our yard. Minus the pumpkin (prop) and American Flag (it was sticking out of Dan's head in the pictures). My mom worked hard on this. I wish I could say I helped, but I didn't do much at all. I am in love with all of the fall color!

And now for the outtakes:

Koda isn't very good at keeping her eyes open in photos:

She handed me her paw for a hi-five and I started laughing out loud. Also, the plan was to cut off our feet in all the pictures. Since the grass was wet, I rolled up my jeans and went barefoot. Then we decided this would be a cute pose. Lesson learned. Ignore me. 

"I'm sorry ... what?!"

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