Wednesday, October 2, 2013

37 Weeks

Since I am two days shy of 38 weeks, it is about time I put this up. 

It was really sunny. And the lettuce looks awkwardly big - but it was the best I could find in the store. Plus my stomach is awkwardly big. So it is fitting.

Kelley: Can you believe there's a whole baby in there? Not just a little one - or part of one, a fully grown whole baby?
Dad: I can believe it. You are huge.
Kelley: You should google what not to say to pregnant women.
Dad: Is that in there?
Kelley: Yes. Yes it is. 

We had a wonderful visit with my parents and now they are hoping that baby girl doesn't choose to come while they are at the beach. She needs to hold off another week. I think we will be fine with that one.

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