Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Sweet Summertime

We started off the weekend with a date for 4 at Dean and Deluca wine bar on the patio. Everything everyone ordered, I could eat! How crazy is that? This might be a regular thing. 

Then I went to bed at 8, like a G. 

We headed to my parents lake house on Saturday for one last summer weekend. 

Where Emma had way too much to drink.

After a quick swim for Olivia Sunday morning, we headed back to Charlotte for Festival in the Park. Olivia wanted to ride all of the crazy fast rides, but was too short for most of them. She and Dan rode the teacups and she kept yelling 'spin faster!'

The attendant on the scrambler said she could go (even a foot or so too short) if Dan went with her. This is like the teacups, but it then swings far out, while you spin fast. I was a little nervous, but Olivia LOVED it. She was so dizzy, she couldn't walk getting off. Even Dan said his stomach was in knots. She's certifiably crazy.

Emma took a quick power nap. About 15 minutes. So she'd be ready for the rest of the day.

Emma is just so good. She's always down for whatever nonsense we are doing. She's always down to skip all naps. She just wants to watch the big kids and be part of the action. She never fussed once all day. Such a good sport. And this happy little nugget has my heart. 

Olivia and I rode the ferris wheel. She kept trying to stand up. 

Olivia did the bounce house and the little train, and we grabbed some cotton candy before calling it a great day at the festival. We came home to find the neighbors outside and let Olivia play until she had a logical meltdown over a chair (aka exhausted). 

Another super fun weekend in the books. Remind me again why weekends are only two days?


  1. Your little Emma is showing off her personality in these pictures! It's so sweet and I think my favorite is her shy little smile in that high chair picture. Olivia is a dare devil!! Glad people are letting her bend the rules a bit to get her some excitement. Hang on to summer as long as you can!

  2. Can I tell you how much I love the three glasses of wine in front of you in the first pic?! bahaha T and Em are just two (majorly different sized) peas in a pod! He just goes with it, no matter how unfun for him our activities are- and of course our activities are ALWAYS geared around the tot and he just smiles and rolls along for the ride. I heart him so much for it and Emma sounds the same!! Olivia is a nut. My scaredy cat would die doing those things. haha