Sunday, September 11, 2016


We have had the most fun weekends this summer, and I never post about them! Figured I'd mention the last two.

Have you seen these water balloons? It fills up 30 at a time and then you pull the hose up and the rubber bands slide on the balloon sealing them. Our children will never know the agony of filling and tying 5 water balloons. And saving them because they took so long. We played water balloons with the neighbors.

Then I commissioned some art for the play room. Once I spend the 92 hours I have left caulking the built ins, and paint, I'll post some pictures.

Olivia and I also played with chalk paint. I got this set and it was so much fun! I'm not convinced that it'll ever come off of the driveway. 

We then went to friends to grill out. The girls stayed up until 930 before Emma melted down. Pretty solid. 

Dan chopped off our cute shoes - but Livi and I were wearing cute shoes!

Monday evening Olivia had a pool party for one of her friends. There was a water slide and this girl was in heaven. Friday she had a birthday party for the boy next door and they had a blast. She can't stop talking about her Cinder-yella party when she turns free in Octover. 

My parents bought a lake house so this weekend we went to check it out. These girls love  the water! Olivia only got out of the lake to eat dinner and got right back in. She woke up ready to run to the water! 

Olivia dressed herself. PJs and Halloween bows.

Emma didn't want to stop eating to play. She can multitask already. Also, thats her wine.

We came back from the lake with enough time to change swim suits and head to the pool for one of the last days of summer.  Emma loves to be splashed, kick in the water, have you help her do 'strokes' with her hands, she just squeals with delight and tries to make her way to the water. I really think I birthed two of the same human: one with blonde hair and one with red.


  1. And hopefully your weekends will get even fun-ner!

  2. That bright red hair on Em kills me! SO CUTE! These are some killer weekends! I love when our weekends feel like a big blur of sunscreen, dirty babies and swimsuit rotations. That's the good stuff. And a lake house! FUN!

  3. Such cute water babies!! I keep seeing recommendations for those water balloons. We've got to try them out some time. Your driveway looks amazing and I bet it'll eventually wash off :) Love that picture of you and your girls. I'll take your word for it that your shoes were cute... I don't think Olivia would have it any other way :)