Saturday, September 3, 2016

First Week of School

Olivia had a pretty rough drop off after her first day. The teacher peeled her off Dan and he texted me "she officially hates me." When she got home she told me how she cried and she didn't like school and the teacher made her eat her cheese before she could have the raisins in her lunch (no idea why they said that!).

She asked if her friend, Lorelei, who is in another classroom, cried too. I decided it was best to lie. "She did cry, Olivia." Why mommy? "Because the classroom was new. And new things can seem scary. And doing scary things is hard. But we can do hard things. You can ride your bike - thats hard! You can draw the letter O, and thats hard! And by the end of the week, it wont be new anymore. And it wont be scary." 

We're all just winging this mom thing, right? No one else knows what they are doing, right?

Each day seemed to get better, but we didn't talk about it too much.

On Friday, when I picked her up, she came running toward me: "Mommy, today I didn't cry!! It wasn't scary any more!!" 

We made a cake to celebrate her first week of school. My big girl is growing up. 


  1. Awww, you did just fine. Made me tear up when she said she didn't cry on Friday...meaning she cried every day. :-( She's such a big girl.

  2. Killer pep talk, mom!! I love that she is loving her new class after a few scary days. Glad you didn't have to drop her off. Pick up duty is a much better job especially when she comes home so happy! Hope you're enjoying your cake and your long weekend :)

  3. Oh bless her little heart! (and yours!) Lawter still cries at daycare drop off most mornings, 2+ years later... ugh. And she's a raisin fanatic and would have totally understood O's distress at the eating order issue. haha Glad things seem to be getting better!