Thursday, September 22, 2016

Last Pool Weekend

First, do you ever spray tan and then sleepily sit in the glider in your infant's room and feed her in the middle of the night? And then realize the next day that the glider is orange and you are an idiot? And then use an entire bottle of oxy clean cleaning it? ME TOO! So now that I know this happens to everyone, I'm not ashamed to admit that cleaning it took a chunk of my weekend.

They extended the pool one more weekend because the weather has been so nice. We had an absolute blast! 

Olivia is finally a good enough swimmer to go down the big slide, swim to the side, and climb out. I'm so proud of her! She went down it around 100 times this weekend. 

I went to take a selfie of me and Olivia, and she ran away right as took the picture.

We had a really nice lifeguard who let her go off the diving board. No floaty. I would go first, then she would go, and I would help her to the side. There's a video on Instagram

On Sunday, one of her sweet friends Lorelei came to play at the pool with her. They did the slide, swam a lot, and ended the summer with an orange dreamsicle. 

After the pool we walked to dinner and ice cream with our neighbors. Caught her holding Emma's foot the whole ride. All of the heart eyes. 

On the way back she wanted to ride on dad's shoulders. 

I'm so sad. Summer is my favorite, and I'm not ready for it to be over. I'll take these long 90 degree days all year!

Dan got the new shutters up on the house, and I only had a mild panic attack, worrying he would fall off of our roof. 

We are about 75% finished with painting the built-ins. A longer project than expected. But will be nice to have the storage! House projects take a million times longer with two kids. 


  1. Y'all really did the end of summer up right. Super cute pictures! I wish I could remember to take more pictures. Those girls are getting so big and even more gorgeous. I'm on the other end and I'm happy to see summer go. No more mosquitos! They are AWFUL where I live. Like you can't open your mouth outside because you will be eating them for supper. One of the downfalls of living basically on an island of crop fields. One more day to the weekend!

  2. The shutters look AWESOME! Love them and the cute pics of those adorable girls. Olivia is so sweet to her sister and goofs on you. Your pic is cute even without her.

  3. Hooray for nice life guards!! I'm glad you got to end summer on a high note :) Your house is looking amazing! Loving the black shudders and all the updates you're doing. The built ins will definitely be worth all of your hard work once you get all kind of new storage. Hope you have a great weekend :)

  4. Love this picture of you, totally jealous you guys can walk anywhere from your house ha ha, and dying over your spray tan story. I hate when I do stuff like that! My house barely gets vacuumed when I have two kids at home, huge props to you for tackling major house projects with them in tow. Happy weekend!