Monday, October 3, 2016

Apple Picking

I have finally let go of summer, and this weekend we did my favorite fall activity: apple picking at sky top orchard. 

We wore fall clothes because it seemed appropriate. And then we started sweating and cursing our long sleeves. 

Olivia ate one bite of about fifteen different apples.

Instead of crying during the sister shot, Emma decided to get even. 

Despite the hair pulling, they do love each other. 

We had some trouble parking and had to offroad a bit - Olivia and Emma were just cracking up in the background as we went over all the bumps in the yard. Sweet sisters. 

Emma had her first apple. She's not positive she likes it. She is positive she likes the chick-fil-a french fries we had on the way home.

We ran into friends who were headed into Asheville for a couple of brewery tours and chose to meet them for a beer at Sierra Nevada. This brewery deserves a full day. It was beautiful, with kid play areas, walking trails, games, a restaurant, etc. We plan to come back next year. 

Now I need to borrow an apple peeler. We bought way too many apples!! 


  1. Faux fur vests and boots?!? Olivia is too cool. Emma looks stunning in green. What sweet girls you have. Love all the big smiles, apple tasting and pretty weather. You didn't look sweaty at all :) We're hoping to head to an orchard or a pumpkin patch later this week.

  2. Olivia is more fashionable than I am! She looks too cute in that vest. And that green is an amazing color on Emma. Your pictures are so amazing. I really wish there were an apple orchard near us.

  3. bahahahahahah that photo! you know which one I mean. I'm dying hahhaa. ALl of the pics are fabulous, precious little family! O is totally styling, of course, and I just adore your mini ginger- she looks killer in green! I can't wait to do fall stuff and am hoping we get some weekend fall'ish temps before it's pumpking patch time!!

  4. Sierra Nevada is my favorite!! It's such a fun place on a nice day!