Sunday, September 18, 2016

Emma - Seven Months

Height: 26 inches
Weight: 14 pounds

Sleep: Still sleeping 7-630 with one night wake up. This is the month Olivia stopped waking in the middle of the night. Fingers crossed! Naps are hard.

Eating: She's been loving solids. So far her favorite food is green beans. What? She's not a huge fan of fruit, but mostly she hates purees. She gags a lot. She gets whole pieces of food to gum and loves it. We were eating stuffed sweet potatoes with chili powder - a little spicy. I was feeding Emma plain sweet potato and she kept reaching for mine and gagging on hers. Finally, I let her have a bite thinking she would hate it - she loved it! She ended up eating a few helpings of spicy sweet potatoes. 

Milestones: This girl is mobile! She's rolling and scooting wherever she wants to go. She can only crawl backwards. And her sweet self gets so frustrated when she gets farther and farther from her target. She's able to get where she wants to go, and she's loving it. But she still wants to run around with the big kids. She loves the water and its so funny how she kicks and paddles like she's ready to swim. She started sitting up by herself last month and loves being able to sit and play with toys. 

Clothes / Diapers:  Still size 3 and 9 month - she's evening out to be true with her age. 

Best Moment of the Month: When Emma started babbling. The doctor said "by 9 months she'll start saying consonants - 'ba ba ba' 'da da da'" I thought it was funny because Olivia never did. Since she had those ear and hearing issues, she didn't really follow normal language development. But sure enough in the past week or two Emma has been saying her consonants. She'll act really mad and yell "DA DA!" It makes me laugh thinking she's calling for Dan or mad at him.

Parent of the Month: Definitely the sand face plant. I was behind the camera, not paying attention. Dan was too far away to catch her in time. We both failed. 

Favorites: Can this entire month be my favorite? She's just so happy and so laid back. She loves to hang with the big kids and squeals with delight when she sees them. She's along for the ride - whatever that may be. She doesn't need to nap, ever really, so we can plug along until someone needs to eat. I am loving this age and just trying to soak it up. Before long she'll be big and telling me "I no like your face."

We've put most of the baby products in the attic. Still love those sleepsacks, our moccs, and the exersaucer. Now that she's old enough to use sunscreen, this is our absolute favorite for the whole family. 

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  1. Kelley-I am dying! Emma would be terrified of my huge Tell who is also 26 inches BUT... 20 lbs! bahaha Her little 14 pounds. I can't even. Aren't these second babies just so happy and easy going and precious?! Love it! Make you wanna another, right? ; ) haha