Sunday, August 28, 2016

Destin (again) 2016

We spent the past week in Destin, and, again, it's my favorite place ever. We split the ride up by stopping to see my mom in Atlanta. Once we got to Destin we realized we would never survive the 10 hour drive back. In 20 driving hours (which took probably 40) Emma cried for about 18. Love her. 

Since most schools are back in, there were hardly any people there. Olivia had a blast in the ocean: "make the waves bigger mama." Once the seaweed came in on Wednesday, we spent the rest of the week at the pool.

Emma is starting to really love the water. She burns so easily that we kept her inside most of the time. Next year, Emma.

Olivia fell out of the bed one night. She fell on the side that was against the wall. Actually got wedged upside down between the bed and the wall. She woke up screaming "GET ME OUT!" Obviously, in my sleep deprived state, I leaned over to Dan "your turn, I think she has to go potty." 

Dan saw her foot sticking out the side. Once the trauma was over, Olivia kept saying "Daddy, you must have seen my purple toe nail polish!" 

The first night we tried to take pictures on the beach, we had Olivia hold Emma. Emma seriously questioned our decision. 

Rightfully so, because three seconds later she face-plated, open-mouthed in the sand. 

It was, hands down, the worst day of Emma's life so far. Dan had to shower her face off. 

The next time we handed her to Olivia, Emma immediately disagreed.

So much for sweet sister photos this trip.

Real world starts tomorrow, and I'm not ready. Most of Olivia's friends are moving up to the 3s and she will be in the older 2s. With her October birthday, she'll be old for her grade, and her friends mostly have summer birthdays and will be young for the grade above. She's nervous about a new room and new teachers - I just wish all her friends would be with her. She's wild and crazy at home, but she's still my shy / nervous little girl out. Luckily, Dan does drop off.


  1. You are a brave woman doing 20 hours in a car! And seriously, how do you look so good after 2 babes?

  2. What a fun trip (minus the crying and the sandy face plant!) I LOVE that first sister picture of your girls. Even if Emma doesn't look pleased, it's a treasure! Glad you had such a fun time and I hope this new week of school turns out great for Olivia making new friends with new surroundings. Change is hard on everyone even adults!

  3. Ahh gorgeous! And POOR EMMA BABY! bahaha big sisters are the worst, right Em? That's what Tell might say anyways... Great pics and bloopers are as good as it gets these days anyways right? hah You look awesome! Have a great week at school O!

  4. i laughed out loud at the picture of oliva dropping emma. so funny!