Saturday, July 2, 2016

Our Schedule

Maternity leave was fun, but we're now back to the real world. Thought I would share our schedule these days since people are always asking about school, working from home, etc.

Insert irrelevant picture here. My mom took this!

4:30am - Emma is up to eat. I secretly like it. I get to snuggle her before work.
5:00am - My alarm goes off, but I'm usually already up. I brush my teeth while having fantasies of sleeping in in a dark hotel room. 
6:00am - In the car headed to work. I eat my breakfast and drink my coffee in the car. Usually listen to a book on tape.
7:00am - At work. Super boring IT things.
8:00am - Dan gets both girls up and fed. And gets himself ready for work. I can only imagine what kind of disaster this is.
9:00am - Girls are dropped off at school and Dan heads to work.
12:00pm - I leave to pick up the girls. 99% of the time I forget a lunch and think about how starving I am. Sometimes I eat Olivia's fruit snacks.
1:00pm - Pick up the girls, ask Olivia 'what are you wearing?,' negotiate with terrorists, feed the dictator a snackbubblewatermilkgoldfishpretzelsgummiesrightnowrightnowrightnow, put a TV show on so we can all calm down, feed Emma and put both the girls down for their naps.
2:00pm - Start working again. Super boring IT things again.
5:00pm - If one of them didn't wake up 8 minutes into their nap, I wake them up at 5. They are pretty good at trading off who sleeps when. Heaven forbid they both nap. Then, I usually try to maintain sanity for all parties while getting dinner ready. 
6:00pm - Daddy is home and dinner is served. We eat and then usually play outside until bed.
6:45pm - Baths
7:30pm - We hoped to have everyone down, but it ends up being 8/830. More negotiations with terrorists.
8:30pm - Clean up the tornado that went through our house, empty dishes, clean the kitchen, fold and do any laundry that is in the laundry room, make lunches and bottles and backpacks for school the next day. Finish work that I couldn't if the girls didn't nap well.
10:00pm - TV! We are currently watching prison break which is addicting. I'm usually falling asleep during the episodes, and Dan's getting annoyed because I don't remember something that happened 8 minutes ago. 
11:30pm - Head to bed. 
1:00am - Emma is up (optional - happening too often lately though)
4:30am - Repeat

I definitely miss sleep. But I really like the fact that I get to see the girls more, and I don't have to spend hours in the evening driving home. Some things that make this schedule work:
  • We prep everything the night before. Breakfasts, lunches, Emma's bottles, the coffee maker, work bags, etc.
  • I meal plan on Sundays, order my groceries for pick up on Mondays, and actually do most of the cooking after the girls go to bed. Then I just reheat or cook vegetables right before dinner. 
  • Dry shampoo.
  • Committing to the cleaning and prep time before ever sitting down. 
What's something that you do to make your life easier? I'm all about making things more efficient these days.


  1. Looks like you're already in a good routine! What a fab work schedule where you can take a break to get the girls and pick back up later on in the day. That's awesome! I like you're idea of cooking ahead of time so that dinner prep doesn't take long each night. Smart idea!

  2. How on earth are you watching TV at night with your early morning schedule? I don't get up until about six and I can hardly keep my eyes open to try to watch a show at night! (And I hope to not jinx myself, we haven't had a night feeding in a while- woohoo!!!) I pack all bags and stuff the night before as best I can too, and keep yogurt, string cheese, oatmeal etc at work so at least o have healthy options in a pinch. We have not been managing family dinners lately and L eats by herself a lot. Super jealous/impressed you've got it together for fam dinner at 6!!

  3. Happened upon your blog today. It looks like your Emma and my Madeline are about the same age. Long, long days you are having right now but so nice that you get to be home with the girls let of the day. I can't imagine having to work while my Madeline naps. Hers are still an impressive 45 minutes. I'm a teacher so not working right now but something I did to make my day easier before the end of the shook year was buy a battery pack and pump in the car both ways. Saved me from having to do it at home AND at work. I, too, order all my groceries for pick up. Can't waste precious mommy time in line at the grocery. It was my least favorite chore anyway.

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