Friday, July 29, 2016

Five on Friday

1. Dan went to Chipotle. I asked for "chicken tacos with pico, guac and hot salsa." He came home with 3 tacos: one chicken and pico, one chicken and guac, one chicken and hot salsa. His justification? "Who eats 3 salsas?" Someone who can't have anything else on the menu!

Then, Dan goes to Starbucks, while I run into another store in that shopping center. I've been getting the 'pink drink' - Strawberry refresher with coconut milk. I asked for a venti because caffeine was necessary that day. I walked in and he had a venti refresher (no coconut milk) which was fine! I said "I'll drink this!" and he said "no, I always get your order wrong, and you always make fun of me on the blog, so I'm re-ordering this!" After a small wait, the barista hands him yet another venti refresher (no coconut milk). Before I could even look at him, he goes "yep, screwed that up twice, don't want to talk about it." Needless to say, I had a LOT of caffeine to drink that morning.

2. Olivia asked for more pasta, and I brought it to her. What do you say? "Thank you ... pasta, for making me full!"

3. I always call Olivia 'my big girl' - "Thank you big girl!" the moment Olivia looked at me and said "I love you, big girl!" I realized it just doesn't have the same positive effect when you're older. 

4. Dan was telling Olivia that she had to buckle, and if she didn't we could get in a wreck and have to go to the hospital. Olivia goes "oh! daddy! the hospital! we would go and get another baby! gaga and papa could take me to meet the baby!" At least the girl has fond memories from the hospital.

5. We forgot to bring Emma a change of clothes for daycare, so when she ruined her outfit all she had was her cropped sweater. Second kid. Not putting her in her sweater would have made her look less ridiculous. 


  1. Oh gosh!! Poor Dan. Maybe he should write things down ;). And I'm all about three types of salsa dairy free or not ;). My kids think hospitals are awesome places to get new babies too! Teague used to talk about going back all the time after KC was born!! Pretty sure Emma could rock anything - even a cropped sweater and diaper!

  2. So funny!! Dan's food stories never fail to entertain :) I can see that being called big girl as an adult wouldn't be so exciting. I do say that a lot to Olive so I wonder if she's appreciating it. Emma's tiny red toes are adorable and I think she could have definitely rocked them and a diaper :) Hope you're having a great weekend!

  3. Oh Dan! What a good sport : ) We're all guilty of the big girl thing- esp now with little siblings. haha Hilarious that she did it to you!

  4. At least Emma's toes were nicely painted :-)
    And my husband is just like Dan. I've started writing things down for him instead