Sunday, July 10, 2016

I no like your face, mama

I'm two weeks in to being back at work: simultaneously loving it and missing my sweet girls and sleeping in past 5. Emma started taking the bottle - so we are super pumped about that. The doctors are no longer worried about her weight. Says she is just "a peanut" in the 4th percent - but she's staying there and not dropping further. So crazy that at almost 5 months, she weighs what Olivia weighed at 2 months.

Found a post I wrote about Olivia when she was a baby, and all these little things that I had forgotten came back. I say it all the time, but I want to post the mundane because I know I will love reading these memories again.  (All pictures courtesy of my mama).

So a few small stories from awhile ago:
  • Olivia found a generic hospital blanket and she goes "Emma, that's from the day you were born!" My heart melted. I can't believe she remembers that.
  • Olivia told me she wanted to go to Target. I asked what she wanted to get. "More baby dolls" (shocking..) "and new ceiling fans." You don't like our ceiling fans? "No."
  • I got her up from her nap and she said "Mama, I shouldn't break the window." That's true. "And I shouldn't put pacis in my diaper." Also true.
  • When Olivia hurt her arm and we had to to go urgent care - after all she went through I said "you can have anything you want!" and she looked up at me with bright excited eyes and said, "I want to go to Target!"
  • She was crazy hyper one day and I said "Olivia, you are driving me nuts!" and she said "ohhh yummy, I want nuts mommy."

And more recently: 

  • Olivia said "I want to watch one of your shows mommy." We never have any of 'our shows' or anything on the TV when she's around. So I turned on the Bachelorette. She watched for a few minutes "Oh mommy, I like this one. This is now MY show!" ABC hooks them young.
  • We have a dog who sheds, so we would tell Olivia, "don't eat that, it has doggie hair on it!" Koda was chewing on an itch and Olivia goes "oh no Koda! Don't eat your doggie hairs!" Clearly confused by the term, later she told me "mommy, your brush has your doggie hairs in it!"
  • Olivia came up to me and said "I wove you my whole life!"
  • We tell Olivia she can have something if she behaves. She looks back at us "I 'havin'!" I can't get her to say 'havin' on camera, but it makes us laugh.
  • She had just eaten a cake pop about an hour earlier when her stomach growled. She goes "Oh mama, my stomach made a noise. It just said 'where'd that cake pop go?'" Where does she come up with this stuff?
  • When we were on our way back from the beach and Olivia was sad about leaving I kept saying "we can go back to Charlotte where your friends are." When we got home she started running around the house like it was a surprise party: "my friends here? where my friends hiding?" They take everything literally.
  • We have a whole host of power cords by this one table in our family room. I told Olivia we couldn't do something because we needed to charge it. She said "set it on that table right there mama and it'll charge." Wireless charging will probably be a thing of her generation.
  • She actually took a nap the other day. Napped so hard when she woke up she asked for breakfast. She had eggs and sausage for dinner because she insisted it was breakfast time. 
  • Olivia used to kick the window in her room and we'd talk over the monitor telling her to stop. We were in Emma's room and she looked up at the monitor and said "mama, you use that camera to make sure Emma doesn't kick the window, don't you?" Caught us.
  • Olivia, how old is daddy? "Wendelborn" 
  • My friend sells Mary Kay and we had a Mary Kay party at my house. Olivia was being so sweet I let her stay up late. At one point I said "Olivia do we look pretty?" She replied "no." Didn't leave it there, then said "I no like your face." 
  • I had a headache the other day and told Olivia. She looked at me really concerned and held her popsicle against my head and said "here mommy, does that cold make it feel better?"
  • Olivia, why is your nose running? "Because I had a bless you."
  • "I got blonde hairs. They came from daddy."
  • Dan and his friend were staying the night at a casino for his birthday, Olivia goes "Daddy can't stay the night! There are no beds out there!" pointing outside. True.
  • Lastly a few sweet things: "I missed you so much!" after my first week at work. "Thank you for my flamingos mommy" when I got a new shower curtain for her bathroom. And the other night, "Good night Emma. I'll see you in the morning. I can't wait until morning. I'll play with you then Emma. Bye Emma."


  1. Oh that Olivia doesn't miss much! I laughed at your story of her coming home from the beach expecting all of her friends to be there. We went to a cookout the other night and Kevin told Olive lots of friends would be there. He failed to clarify that they would be HIS friends and not HER friends. We walked in and she started searching for her buddies :( Your beach pictures are darling - how did you keep Emma's toes sand free?!? Olive has no interest in holding Fletcher - she just pats him on the head. So Olivia gets major big sis points for snuggling the baby. Maybe that'll change as F gets bigger?? I love all these sweet little stories. I'm the same way if I don't write them down then they're not going to be remembered. Hope you have a great week - Hooray for Emma learning to take a bottle!!

  2. Olivia really does say the funniest things so I'm glad you are writing them down. She'll need them for her book one day. I think she has her mama's humor. It will be fun to see what kind of personality Emma will have. Great beach pics!

  3. Laughed out loud pretty much throughout the whole read. These are awesome. I'm not doing a good job tracking my Lawter comments. THanks for the motivation to do better! O- keep being hilarious!

  4. Emma is a little bean just like Hal! I love Olivia's obsession with Target!! lOL she is so funny!