Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Destin 2016

We just got back from an impulsive 3 days at the beach. Olivia didn't have school this past week and my parents didn't have any renters in their condo. We rented a mini van, packed up the girls and the dog and met Gaga and Papa for the beach. 

Olivia was great in the car. She was so excited that she wouldn't even get out at rest stops to use the restroom. "No mama. I yust went. I want to go to the beach!" I had wrapped all these fruit snacks and little toys for Olivia as "presents" to keep her entertained in the car. She didn't need any of them. She just wanted a direct shot to the beach. 

Emma was a little bit of a mess, but we all survived. 

Olivia kept telling me, "I love the beach! Last time I went I was a baby!" (She was almost two). She spent most of the time at the pool, and despite having an absolute blast building sandcastles and playing in the waves with Dan and my dad - she said "me no like the waves, me no like the sand."

By the last day she was "swimming" underwater and I couldn't be more proud. I have to put swimming in quotes because Dan said, "you mean drowning?" Well .. technically yes. But she wouldn't even get her face wet earlier - and here she was going under and kicking her feet until you pulled her up. 

She kept calling her googles 'bubbles,' and telling all the kids she met, "My mama got me these bubbles for my eyes so no water gets in them." I just love how she thinks it's so cool that her mom bought her something. I said on Instagram that soon she won't think it's cool, she'll be 7 and be all "I just ubered to Target and picked up these sweet shades myself."

Olivia saw someone order a strawberry daiquiri at the bar. She HAD to have one. Creeping by the bar asking other people to buy one for her. When I finally caved, she chugged it. We will have big problems when she's a teenager. 

Emma hated the sun and heat. We had a tent for her with a baby bath tub for kicking her feet. A little fan blowing on her. This whole set up! After 20 minutes of crying I called it quits and went up with her. We go back in August so hopefully she'll like it then.

On the way back both girls did great in the car. Olivia found my favorite movie from when I was little. Cinderella. She watched it 3 times and then asked if she could get back in the car (after an 8 hour drive) to watch it again. Sweet thing keeps saying 'bitty bitty boo' (bippity boppity boo). 

And we stopped at a Dwarf House Chick Fil A and Olivia loved the "ah-yivia sized doort!" 

The beach with little ones is definitely different. No more laying out from 10-2 (prime tanning hours). But its so much fun to live all the magic through their eyes. 


  1. What a fun trip! Olivia tans really well....I'm jealous and that hair is getting so blonde. So great that y'all were able to take a little beach vacation and hopefully by August Emma will be more of a beach gal.

  2. So fun! ALl of the photos are just precious! Love the one of the girls in their dresses on the beach!

  3. Fun trip! It's great that your parents have a place that you can make spontaneous trips to when the stars align. I loved reading all the Olivia quotes especially the swimming/drowning one :) Do you have a puddle jumper for her? I have one in my amazon cart right now and I'm debating getting one for Olive. I think it would be super helpful if I take both kids to the pool by myself. That way Olive will be floating while I'm holding/wearing Fletcher. Maybe some trips to the pool will get Emma accustomed to the whole beach routine. It's so tough to keep those babies cool! Sounds like you had a good set up for her.

    1. Butting in- Lawter got one for her birthday and it's gone well so far!

  4. You AOL ARE SO tan! I wish I could Mason to be that excited about a long road trip. Wrapping snacks and toys is a great idea!

  5. Jealous you've got a go-to beach getaway! Dwarf Chick fila house quote- adorable. We do beach next week so we'll see how my sweaty little Tell does.... or doesn't do. #pleaseletmegetatleastahintofatan