Monday, July 25, 2016

Swaddle Designs Sleepsack Review and Giveaway

Y'all remember when Swaddle Designs sent their muslin blankets and they were the best blankets we ever had?

We'll they've topped themselves. 

We loved the velcro baby straight jacket for both girls. But once they can roll over, we want them to have their arms out.

Since I don't breed great sleepers, we invest in soft PJs and crib sheets. Maybe they sleep better when they are super comfortable? Emma wore this for a week straight and it was the only week her life where she woke only once per night. We had to wash it, and she woke up twice the first night without it. I'm not saying this is magic, I just think we're on to something.

The cotton knit sleep sack is light weight enough for summer and hands down the softest. If they made adult ones, I'd be all about this. I wonder why that hasn't caught on?

They are incredibly well made and have a two way zipper. This means easy diaper changes and no fumbling over a jacket style zipper while you JUST got your baby to fall asleep - waking them up - and having to start the bed time routine again from the top. 

They are giving a reader a cotton knit sleep sack in the size and design of your choice. Just head to the SwaddleDesigns website pick your favorite design and comment here. Or head to Instagram for additional entries. Winner will be chosen Friday. US residents only.


  1. We need one of these swaddles in our life! I'd pick the tiny fox one for Fletcher and hope it works like magic on him :)

  2. She is so darling and snuggly! Love it!

  3. The sterling fox is so cute!

  4. forgot to add: and I can't wait to see the pic of you in an adult sized sleep sack someday! bahaha

  5. I really like the Cotton Knit zzZipMe Sack
    Tiny Animals.

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