Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Potty Training Round Two

You guys remember our first attempt at potty training? After a solid 9 days, we gave up. We put her back in diapers. No one was stressed anymore.

Then we though, wow, this is nice. We don't have tarps covering our living room. And I no longer have to help her use the toilet at Harris Teeter, Target, and gas stations. Once Emma came along we were so thrilled that no one had to drag a newborn into public bathrooms.

So Target ran a diaper deal and we STOCKED UP.

The day we got home. "Me no want diapers." Thats fine Olivia, start going potty and you don't have to wear them. That sentence rolled off, because she had been saying that for months.

She hops on the potty, pees and says, "Okay mama, no diapers." 

Well...that was unexpected.

She then convinced her teachers to not put a diaper back on her, and she went potty all day at school.

That's awesome Olivia, but you are at least wearing pull ups here. I'm not worrying about accidents. Knowing that if I don't even remember we have a dog, I wouldn't remind her to go potty.

She would pull up the stool, potty, put her pull up back on and ask for a potty treat.

That's awesome, Olivia, and you don't have to wear pull ups at home, but you need to wear them out. I'm not worrying about an accident while out and about.

We'd go somewhere, and once we got home she'd go straight to the potty all by herself. 

We went to the park and she asked to go and I said sorry, sweetie, you are going to have to hold it, there is no potty here. She waited until we got home.

It seems as though .. despite our discouragement .. she has potty trained herself.

It's been a month now and she's had 0 accidents. 

We put a nighttime diaper on her just in case, but she wakes up dry and goes straight to the potty. 

Who would have thought?

What are we going to do with 5 boxes of diapers?


  1. WOW!! Could you please send Olivia to Indiana for a long weekend to potty train Olive?? I love that she just decided to do it and that was that. I've heard that when they're ready they'll do it and I guess it's true. Yay for you :) Oh and I guess you'll be storing those diaper boxes for little sis or exchanging them for smaller ones??

  2. What!?! That is so awesome. Way to go Olivia! Oh how I wish Mason would do that. He's so stubborn. I know one day it will click, fingers crossed it will be soon. You could always save the diapers for Emma or give them to a diaper bank for Mama and babies in need. I know ours is always looking for donations.

  3. I hate you! This story is just mean. Could Olivia please give Jack the memo about going to the potty?

  4. Holy cow! THis is AWESOME! Yayyyy Olivia! Oh I hope and pray for this to happen in my life. I don't wannnaa potty train Lawter. Ugh. And Target is awesome about letting you exchange things, esp if you paid via redcard.

  5. That is awesome! It's almost like you played a little mind game and it worked! Love it!

  6. Wonderful Olivia! We're working on it. Hal isn't quite there yet though

  7. You're so lucky it was so easy! We still have occasional #2 accidents here but overnights and potties are fine still.

  8. Go Olivia! Maybe the "dis"couragement was exactly what she needed to figure it out on her own. I bet you're glad to only be changing one baby's dipes! Craigslist those extras ;)

  9. I'm so jealous!!!! We are about to start training as soon as I'm out of school.