Monday, May 23, 2016

Our Weekend

Just a quick recap that I wished I did more often.

Dan's grandfather came in town on Friday and it was SO wonderful to see him. We hadn't seen him since Christmas, so he hadn't met Emma yet. Both girls love him and we hope to see him more often. Olivia insisted on riding to and from the airport to drop off and pick up "great papa."

They were busy ALL morning and early afternoon on Saturday. Olivia asked for her friend CJ to come over. We were headed to CJ's parents house for a party that night celebrating their 10 year wedding anniversary. I figured they could use a few hours to run some errands, so we had them drop CJ off. 

The rain finally stopped so all the neighbor kids came outside and every single toy we have was played with that morning. Maybe I'm a glutton for punishment, but I love all the chaos of a ton of kids - vs Olivia whining that she's bored. 

That night we headed out for our first kid free night since Emma was born. Our sitter was wonderful - but we were like, "no one has napped, and everyone is cranky, OH and Emma wont eat for you, so good luck, see you in a few hours."

The girls both went down and slept in until 7:30am (minus a few wake ups for Emma), and we had an absolute blast! We need to do that more often!

Sunday started with some leftover rain puddles and Dan mowing the lawn. Olivia threw on her rain boots, climbed the back fence to look over, and kept yelling "Hey Girl Hey!" to her dad with her toes squished in the holes in the fence. So girly and so adventurous. 

We wished we could have spent the weekend at the pool - but it was too chilly. Maybe this weekend Olivia will get some pool time in!


  1. Grandfather looks awesome! Great pics. So glad you got out for a few hours, sounds like fun.

  2. Yay for date nights! & your sitter! It is so awesome that Dan's grandfather came to visit. I wish Mason was able to see his 'great papa' more before he passed. Your dress is adorable and fingers crossed for pool weather for you guys. If not you can always come down to Florida haha!

  3. Sounds like a blast!! Isn't it fun when your kids start making friends? It sounds like your house is a kid paradise :) Glad you got to sneak away for a date! I need to make that happen at my house ASAP.