Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Funny Stories from Instagram

I don't want the blog and Instagram to be the same content. But then Dan printed the blog posts into a book for me, which is so cool to flip back through and read. So I also don't want to forget about some of these silly things Olivia has said. 

If you follow on Instagram, bare with me on some repeated content.

I pretended to steal her food. Olivia goes "Mama, I need my foots!" and I asked her why. She said "I need to put them in my shoes so I can wear all my shoes." Thinking that was just her first answer, I said "what about for walking?" She made me laugh out loud when she replied "Nah, I could just crawl on da floor."

Absolutely nails the ball. Looks at me and says, "I so good at soccer." Dan having played soccer, he's a little bummed she doesn't have her sports straight.

Took a few selfies of me and Emma looking fly. Walked away just knowing one of them was good. This is the best I got. Just Emma's bow. #uncoolmom

Blurry, but too cute not to post.

Parenting at its finest.... Dan and I were talking and Olivia said "Shh mama, I no hear my TV." 

Olivia: "Remember when Emma was in your belly? And then you went to the hospital to get her out. And now she cries at Target." This is the best summary of the last two months.

The only one who's outfit was on point for Strawberry picking.

Some sisterly love.

My mom stayed with us for a couple days. Since we don't have a guest room, she stayed on the pullout couch in the play room. My mom goes "Olivia where'd the bed come from." And Olivia said "Gaga, you brought it with you." My mom goes, "Well, then where'd the couch go?" And Olivia has this big bucket we keep all her toys in. "Umm .. in my bucket."

I'm spray painting some new porch furniture (can't wait to finally furnish the porch) and I asked Olivia whether she like the white. "Umm I like pink. You have pink spray, mama?" 


  • She told Dan he could get a new car as long as he got a pink one. 
  • I bought her new shoes and you would have thought I brought home a puppy. This chick gets SO excited over shoes and clothes.
  • She told me that I should have worn a maxi dress to the bourbon festival. And that she needs more dresses. She wants to wear those instead of shorts or pants. Diva.
  • I had a margarita on Cinco De Mayo. Olivia runs up, points to my drink, thinking its juice, and goes "Ohh mama, I like that!" and I said "tequila?" and she started running all around the house yelling "I like tequila!" You can go ahead and call child services.
  • She told me when Emma gets big she's going to make her turn the TV on for her. Priorities.
  • Emma must have had a growth spurt because one morning Olivia comes downstairs and says "Oh Emma! You big now!" and then looks at me and says "Is she walking now mama?"
  • Olivia had a birthday party Saturday and I said "are you going to have pizza tonight?" She said "I don't like pizza." False. So I said "what are you going to have for dinner?" "Cake." Clearly she's been to enough birthday parties to know the routine.
  • I've gotten her saying "Girrrrrrlll, shoot" and its hysterical.
This crazy girl has us laughing all the time. Wish I remembered enough of the stories!


  1. Olivia is hilarious! I'm so glad you have documented all of this cuteness!

  2. She is too funny! Cake always comes first and can you imagine Dan driving around in a pink car? I'm picturing a VW Beetle convertible.

  3. And now she cries at Target. hahahaha!!!


  4. OMG! I am dying laughing! She is so funny!!!!

  5. Olivia needs her own talk show or something. Girl is hysterical!

  6. She's so funny! I love those sibling pictures and her love for pink. I've always thought about printing my blog - would you recommend the company Dan used?? I'm intrigued :)

  7. oh she is so funny!! her and addi need to be real life friends :)