Thursday, May 12, 2016

Emma - Three Months

Height: 23 3/4
Weight: 10 pounds 12 ounces

Sleep: Hahahaha. Still wakes up every 2.5 hours to eat. BUT the doctor wants her to keep it up since she needs the calories. She's a teeny little thing and not gaining much weight. But she's tall and her head is a great size, so he's not too worried about development.

Naps are great. She's napping only in the swing and we get 2 2-hr naps a day from her.

Eating: still newborn status at 9-10 times a day. She's trying to find my breaking point. I will prevail.

She just was prescribed Zantac. We were hoping that the dairy and soy free diet I am on would help with her reflux symptoms. It helped a little, but she's still in a lot of pain. She doesn't want to eat much in one sitting because it causes heartburn. We are hoping that she'll start gaining some weight, and start eating more in each sitting, once we get the reflux under control.

Best Moment of the Month: I can't pick one, but it has to be the times Emma and Olivia are together. Olivia always wants to hold her and read stories to her. I love how much Olivia loves her little sister.

Parent of the Month: When Emma rolled from back to belly while on the coffee table. I was changing her, grabbed a diaper, and she flipped over. I didn't think she'd be able to do that so early. She's keeping us on our toes! 

Milestones: She makes these new noises that are like scream / squeals. She's so happy that all she can do is shreik. She just started holding things in her hands. She was holding my bracelet and waved her hands around and dropped it. Olivia goes "Emma! No! We don't throw things on the ground" while laughing hysterically. Apparently what we say sinks in, Olivia just doesn't listen to it. 

Clothes / Diapers: I just put away all her 0-3 month clothes and she's in 3-6 month and size 2 diapers. She's taller (and a lot skinnier) than Olivia was at this point.

Favorites: Emma has boycotted the wrap because she wants to look out. So I just carry her everywhere we go. She hasn't shown an interest in toys, but loves her big sister, smiling, being social and attention. This time around we have a changing station downstairs, which is really helpful. Not in losing the baby weight, but in being lazy and not walking up the stairs. 

I cannot believe my little baby is three months old! It seems like she's been part of the family for forever - I cannot imagine life without her. I know people get worried that they might not love the next kid as much as the first. But when that second baby is placed in your life, it is unimaginable the love you have for both of them.

Despite all of her tummy pain, she is the best baby. She's pretty chill in letting the drunk dictator (Olivia) get the attention while she just hangs out. She likes to be part of the action and see what's going on, but she doesn't need all the attention that Olivia needed. She's really social and all she ever asks for is someone to look at her, notice her, make faces at her. Sometimes we can get so caught up in the days activities, cleaning, and the demands from our toddler - that I have to stop and remember to play with Emma (which breaks my heart). I'm loving being home right now, so I can have some Emma time in the morning before Olivia comes home from school. Then I get time with just Olivia during Emma's afternoon nap. 

'Emma baby' you are the most wonderful addition to our family. I couldn't love your smiley self more!


  1. Those rosy little cheeks, I just want to kiss them! Drunk dictator describes toddlers exactly and I actually laughed out loud at that!

  2. Wha? How is she three months old already?! She's the cutest. Hopefully that Zantac will help her fill her tummy and let you sleep more!

  3. I feel the exact same about sometimes "remembering" that Tell would probably like some attention too! With a toddler demanding attention, it's easy to set him in bouncy seat and if he's quiet, to go about doing stuff with L or house things but then when I stop to get close to him and pay attention to him, he breaks out all the smiles and coos that make me realize he was just waiting for soemone to notice him. (saaaddddd!) Happy 3 months Emma girl!

  4. Such sweet loving words about Emma. Her name really fits her. I'm glad she is getting bigger and that Olivia is such a big help.

  5. She's so cute!! You're spot on with the toddler requiring lots of attention and the baby being like HEY look at me! I just rolled over early in hopes of getting some extra attention. These #2s have to get creative to complete with their big siblings :) Hope her new meds made life better for everyone and isn't it the best to see your kiddos interact with each other?!?! Yesterday Olive said, "Baby Fletcher we do not pull hair!" when he was holding on to my hair for dear life. haha

  6. You are parent of the century for handling Emma's situation and Olivia, with patience, humor and grace. We love you!

  7. feel the same way! isaac is so relaxed and ends up just laying there so often while I help addi do a million things. or gets stopped mid nursing all the time! and isaac is still up every 2 hours at night, minus maybe a 4 hour stretch at the beginning, but of course started at 8! We'll sleep someday :) she is adorable!!