Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Hooray Mail

Have you guys seen Hooray Mail? Its a subscription service where your child gets mail twice a month. Olivia is obsessed with checking the mail and always said "dat for me?" Unfortunately, it's usually never for her. 

Sometimes I'll read a wedding invitation and pretend its for her. Says .. Olivia, congratulations on becoming a big sister! She'll light up and carry the card around with her. 

You can choose who the card is from - we chose "mama and dada." And it's specifically addressed to them. Or as Olivia says, "look mama it has my letters on it!" (Which, by the second card changed to "This says my name. I open this." Seriously, how do they grow up so fast?)

Each card has a fun activity for you to play with your child geared toward the 2-6 year old range. 

Our first card was all about food. Her favorite!! We talked about her favorite healthy food "mac and cheese!" And realized we needed to start talking about what constitutes a healthy food. She loved having me fill in the plate with her favorite foods. (Hot dog, mac and cheese, and gummies). 

Our second was an Earth day theme. She loved that she could 'read' the card herself with the pictures. We went around the yard on our scavenger hunt and talked about all the different things in the year. We never found a butterfly though!

The lovely people at Hooray Mail are offering one free month to a reader. Comment here to be entered - and there are more chances to enter on Instagram @kelley_lovelikecrazy

Winner will be chosen May 1st. US residents only.


  1. "It has my letters..." That is seriously the cutest thing! I'll have to check it out for Mason.

    BTW I nominated you for the Liebster Award!

  2. These are so cool! How precious of Olivia getting so excited for her big girl mail!

  3. Oh Jack would love this! Jack and Oliva may need to be penpals. I think that would be so fun!

  4. What a fun kid mail option! I love your story of pretending invitations are for her. Now that she recognizes her name your cover might be blown. How do they pick up on this stuff so quickly!?!? Olive gets a few pieces of mail each month so I know she'd love mail with a fun activity.

  5. This is seriously cute. I need to do this for Olivia!

  6. This is so super cute! My kids love getting mail. Some family got them a magazine subscription for the holidays and they can't wait to get them