Saturday, April 16, 2016

Our Week

Just a glimpse into our week - because who has time to write read a long post. 

Olivia was eating mac and cheese and she looked at me and said "mommy you no can have mac and cheese." I said, "that's right Olivia." She then looked up and said "Don't worry mommy, you still can have coffee!" Once she learns the word bourbon, she'll really be able to cheer me up.

Took her to Dunkin Donuts to kill time because I'm an idiot and went to Crate and Barrel before it opened. She said "mama you can no have donuts." And I said, "thats right Olivia - but what can mommy have?" Waiting for her to say coffee. "Umm ... the bag?" as she eyes the brown paper bag on the table. #suchab

Emma rolled from back to belly for the first time while on the coffee table. Being mom of the year, I had left her to grab another diaper. I thought we had at least another two months for that.

Took Olivia for a walk and asked her to pick out some good shoes. She, clearly, chose bedroom slippers. Not wanting to admit defeat, she told the neighbor boy, Adrian, "just walk Ad-den! No running outside!" 

Speaking of shoes, I legitimately showed up to another mom's house not wearing any. #trainwreck

I had to decorate a hat for Olivia for school. Thanks for the homework guys. And then didn't go to her 'parade' so Emma could get one good nap in. Afterward I had anxiety about her taking that memory with her to therapy as she overcomes her heroine addiction. 

Currently eating a bag of carrots wishing they were mozzarella sticks dipped in queso. 


  1. Love these pictures! Hang in there sweetie, you'll eat cheese again.

  2. Go Emma! Olivia makes a great dietitian, keeping her 'client' on track. You're doing great with 2 kiddos, don't stress it. They're painted little piggies are too cute btw.

  3. You may be sleep and cheese deprived, but you're as funny as ever! Sorry your diet has come to eating paper bags and carrot sticks, but hopefully the amount of rest you're getting is going up. Your girls have the best accessories and definitely keep you on your toes. Watch out for that rolling Emma! Tell her she's too little for that nonsense :)

  4. Adorable photos and you had me cracking up!!! LoL! Also Freshly Picked Giveaway starts tomorrow on my page!!! Emma NEEDS some!!!

  5. Oh my ovaries - that picture of Emma sleeping is too precious!! Ugh your diet sounds rough. Hang in there! At least there's coffee! ha