Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Can I Not Title Some Posts?

Who is running out of even more boring post titles? Just me?

In summarizing our week last week, I forgot to add the following text conversation.

K: I just listed Emma for sale for $6 in my mom's group. Porch pick up.

D: ....should I come home?

K: No, it was an accident, I tried to list a coffee mug but posted the wrong picture. #sleepdeprivation Then, it was too funny to take down.

D: Well ... any buyers?

K: Yep. Bidding war. She got all the way to $10.

She's really started noticing her feet lately. Probably her painted toes.

Unrelated - I need to figure out how to manage two kids and a cell phone so I can actually get some pictures of our shenanigans. The last few hours before Dan gets home are the hardest. Livi is up from her nap and Emma is pissed at her existence (or the fact that I tried to sell her?). So we do anything to entertain Olivia so I can try to calm Emma.

This week it has consisted of silly string, sprinklers, a water table, real paint, and cans of shaving cream. Our neighbors have taken to waiting outside for us because they know we've got something to entertain their kids. I don't promise that they wont be covered in paint or soaking wet when they come home. But Olivia loves the company. 

Also unrelated - anyone know how to get silly string off a driveway?


  1. You're that fun mom in the neighbourhood! And with a new baby too?!

  2. That's hilarious! I'm sure you gave those moms a good laugh and I would have definitely snatched Emma up at that price :) I can't wait to get moved in our new house so that we can have a much better outdoor set up for playing. All of the favorite toys - water table, basketball hoop, car, bikes, etc - are all packed away. Hopefully we'll be able to follow your lead in a few weeks and head outside to play. I feel you on the cranky time of day... ours seems to be 10-midnight every night.

  3. Hahahaha! I bet Dan was thinking either my wife has gone crazy or she is fed up. That is too funny. Loving Olivia's outfit in the last pic, very stylish;)

    I sometimes put song lyrics or movies lines when I can't think of a good title.

  4. OMG that is too funny! I would take her!

  5. LOL! I'd definitely buy her for $6---or even $10!

  6. Haha! There are days I may post my kids for sale on purpose. Those hours before bedtime? Jeeeee-zusssss.