Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Emma vs. Olivia Two Months

I just love seeing these side by side.

Same bow. Not planned.


  1. They are almost identical! Gorgeous girls!

  2. They seriously look very much alike. Both gorgeous!

  3. Those little cheeks on both of them, I could just eat them up. (Definitely just said that in a baby talk voice in my head)

  4. Wowza!! The girls look like twins :) Keep these comparisons coming. I love seeing them side by side and can't wait to see if Emma grows up to look just like her sis or maybe a red head like her mama.

  5. Wow! They are really looking alike! Happy two months sweet girl!

  6. How cute!! I've been wondering where you find her adorable clothes?! I'm due with baby #3 in about a month (another girl) and love to shop lol. Also, I love her (and Olivia's) bows!

    1. #3! That's so exciting!! Emma's outfit here is Ralph Lauren which I love! Most of Olivia's stuff is from baby gap - their 40% off sales are my go to. And then there's a moms Facebook group in Charlotte where people sell their used kids clothes at very cheap prices. That's usually where I stock up on the baby polo and seasonal outfits. Now, if only I could get Olivia to stop insisting on dressing herself, she'd match once in awhile! ;)

      This bow was Janie and Jack, but my favorite headband bows were from etsy and the girl has stopped making them. :( my favorite inexpensive clip bows that Olivia wears are from "tots fashion fairytale" (weird name haha) they have a Facebook page.