Friday, April 1, 2016

Photo Catch Up

If I have shared some of these before, I apologize, it's the lack of sleep. But I think I haven't put any of these on the blog yet. 

She's already gotten so much bigger! Olivia is so good with her. She'll say "Emma, you spit up!" and go get a burp cloth to wipe her face. She always tells her she loves her and tickles her "itty bitty baby feet." She's always concerned we might leave her at home. Everywhere we go, Olivia says "Emma's coming too??" When Emma goes down for each of her naps Olivia kisses her cheek and says "Good night Emma! Sweet dreams!" She brings her toys during all of her awake times and tries to get her to roll over by saying "Emma look this way." Every burp she goes "good burping Emma! so proud of you!" If Emma is crying Olivia runs in with the paci and says "its okay Emma" and rubs her head trying to calm her down. It just melts my heart seeing the two of them together. Olivia couldn't love her little sister more!


  1. What a great mommy! You are clearly setting such a good example for Olivia because she's learning to be a great mommy too! Love the photos in the hospital of her hugging and kissing her! And the one of the girls with Olivia's dolls! And those gorgeous baby Emma smiles are the sweetest!

  2. Those gals are going to have a fierce love for each other. It's so great that they will have a sister to lean on. I'm sure they will be the best of friends. My sister was 7 years younger than me so our relationship didn't really bond into a sisterly one until we were older but I'm so happy now to have a sister. We can call each other and be like "mom is being crazy again". You have that to look forward to.

  3. So sweet! Frame all of these :) Olivia looks so excited in those first hospital pictures. I love all the big sister talk and how helpful she is. She sounds like the perfect little helper. I'm with Olivia on those itty bitty baby feet. I can't wait to see what color Emma's hair ends up being. Hope she's a red head like her mama!