Friday, February 26, 2016

Pregnancy Weight Gain Round 2

I wrote about the weight gain with Olivia here. Since it's one of my most googled posts - I figured I would write about my weight gain with Emma - a vastly different experience.

First - with both Emma and Olivia, I was sick for the first 5 months. With Olivia, I could barely eat anything. Nothing sounded good. With Emma, I only felt better after I ate. So naturally, I gained more weight earlier with Emma than with O. 

I was starving with Olivia no matter how much I had eaten, what I had eaten, etc. I found it so hard to stop eating - even healthy food. With Emma, I had a month that I was extra hungry in the second trimester, but mostly was perfectly content barely eating. Once I realized that my weight was surpassing my first pregnancy and I was on track to gain 50 pounds, I started tracking everything I ate in an app. I made sure that I never ate over 1800 calories (with a few exceptions like Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas). I monitored sugars and protein - and made sure I was drinking enough water. 

The weight kept piling on.

For a two month span I gained half a pound a day. Half a pound a day!! If 3500 calories is a pound, I would have to be eating an EXCESS of 1750 calories a day to gain that much. The math doesn't even add up. It's not possible.

Dan confirmed what I knew to be true: "you are eating less than when you aren't pregnant." 

Emma's health was the most important thing - but when you constantly hear about mom's that use the 'eating for 2' excuse and packed on too much weight - or how children whose mom's gained more weight than normal in pregnancy have a higher chance of health issues and diabetes as they get older - and that any more than a pound a week gain is a cause for concern - you start to wonder if you are doing something wrong for your baby.

I thought for sure the weight gain would level out. So many people barely gain weight in the third trimester - maybe I would be one of those people?


On the day I delivered Emma, I weighed exactly 50 pounds more than normal. 50 pounds?!?! So many friends had made snarky comments in the past about people who gained more weight than recommended. I know that none would believe me. I know they would think I wasn't being honest with myself. Or I wasn't actually measuring my food (counting every single cracker - measuring berries and greek yogurt - logging each tic tac I ate, typing every recipe into a calorie counter and measuring out every serving size). 

It was exhausting but I never gave up.

I wasn't swollen at all, so I knew it was additional fat. 

I decided that with all the weight I gained. Lugging a 27 pound toddler around who wants me to "hold you" all the time. And trying to walk 2 miles a day. I wasn't going below 1800 calories a day. There's no way I could get in the nutrition Emma needed at 1200 or so calories. Not while pregnant, active, and a lot larger than normal. 

If my body needed 50 extra pounds of baby + fat for Emma, then I was fine with it. And when she arrived, a wonderful size and healthy - I was so thankful for each one of those 50 pounds. For whatever reason, it gave Emma exactly what she needed. 

And now that they have been thanked, I'm ready to see them go. :)


  1. I think every mom is different and people should NEVER judge a preganant lady. You didn't look like you gained 50 lbs! When I was pregnant with Mason I gain close to 60!!!

  2. It's crazy how different every pregnancy is! I think the most important thing is to take care of yourself and have a healthy baby at the end just like you did. Numbers on the scale are just part of the equation. I'm impressed with your food tracking dedication and think you look great! Good luck easing back into things.

  3. You really looked great the whole time. It doesn't look like an additional 50 lbs. Well whatever you did, you did right because Emma and Olivia are both perfect! With two kiddos you will back to feeling on top of things real soon.

  4. You gained the perfect amount of weight for each baby! I gained 5 lbs. per month like clockwork with you, and you're perfect! You've looked beautiful throughout each pregnancy.

  5. You really have looked fantastic throughout. If I didn't follow on here i would never guess high gain for you- I think you're just that teeny tiny to start with and you need extra to grown those beautiful babes! Good for you for being rational and knowing you were doing what your body and baby needed, and you're a healthy and beautiful lady who will have no problem feeling great again in no time! xo

  6. You don't look like you gained 50 lbs at all. I gained the same amount each time but at different times during the pregnancy and looked completely different each time - your body knows what it needs (and maybe 10 lbs of that was boob weight (each) ) ;)