Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Olivia Update

I meant to get this written before Emma was here. 

I barely remember when Olivia was a baby. We were watching old videos and the way she moved and talked and interacted just seemed like a different child. I am so grateful for the videos, because those memories are so distant.

I am trying to get things on camera - but mrs. "no cheese, mama" doesn't like the photog after her. So writing down these moments are the only way we will remember them. 

These are from the past few months (slacker, I know) but I don't want to forget:

  • Back in August, I had this inflatable flamingo that I gave Olivia. She called it her 'purple duck' - clearly we were still working on colors and animals then.
  • In November, Olivia's first real sentence was "mama read book please" - I was so impressed with her. This sounds so silly now because she's talking in full paragraphs, but I wrote it down because, at the time, I was so proud of her!
  • In December, she started saying "daddy did it" - whether or not he did. I'd ask who made a mess, who got something out, or if she pooped because it smelled - "daddy did it" with the straightest face. We'd call her out and she'd burst out laughing.
  • In December, she started saying "Mama otay?" if I sighed or winced in pain. It was the sweetest thing that she would check up on me. 
  • In December, Olivia started saying 'I did it!' whenever she climbed up high, put the lid on something hard, finished a puzzle. She was so proud of herself each time. And we could never get her "I did it!!" on film.
  • At Christmas, Olivia was a little shy at times when the whole family was all together. They were headed out for the night and we asked Olivia to say bye. She ignored us. Then we said "you can have a piece of candy if you say bye to everyone." She smiled this huge smile, yelled "bye errbody!!!" and ran to the candy. 
  • That same night in her bed she said "errbody go??" meaning "where did everybody go?" That was her mantra the whole week. She'd be all shy. And then once everyone left, would be so sad and wonder where they went.
  • Whenever she drops something she would say "ut oh, [something]" like "ut oh fork" or "ut oh sippy." We were on the playground and she started running and face planted. She goes "ut oh Livia" (like she dropped herself) and gets right back up.
  • On Christmas morning, there was one thing we didn't think through. We told her that Santa comes and bring toys. When she walked down the stairs her eyes lit up over the new toys and she looked around. She walked down stairs and walked around. She looked confused and sad and said "where'd Santa go?" Poor thing. We didn't tell her that Santa isn't actually here - that he leaves the toys for her. She was so bummed and wanted to see Santa. (She wouldn't take any pictures with Santa, so I'm sure she would have been super shy if he were here - but 2 year olds don't make sense). 
  • Olivia got make up brushes and nail polish in her stocking because I have a teenager.
  • In January, Olivia saw a pregnant lady and said "that lady has a baby sister in her belly too!" So funny that all pregnant women are carrying a "baby sister."
  • In January Olivia started saying "hold you mama" instead of "up please" and it's the greatest thing in the world. Dan keeps correcting her and it drives me nuts. I want her to say "hold you" forever.
  • Anytime Olivia has gotten hurt, I kiss it and she says she's all better. She will come running to me asking for a kiss and declare it all better after. She had a little bruise on her leg from school. I asked her if I could kiss it to make it better. She said "no mama, Doc bandaid make it better." I've been replaced for Doc McStuffins band aids. 
  • In January her verbs were a little off and I think it's so cute. She'd say "dada new diaper me" - meaning dad gave me a new diaper. She'd say "dada donuts me" meaning dad gave her donuts. Love her figuring out sentence structure. And using nouns as verbs.
  • She learned to say "good morning!" and says it all hours of the day. Dan would come home from work and she'd say "good morning dada!" She was being so polite, we had to reply "good morning Olivia!" so she'll never learn.
  • Olivia has a play kitchen and she constantly make us "cupcakes with sauce" - haha.
  • One of her friends asked what I was hiding in 'dat belly' and Olivia came rushing to my defense, "Thats my baby sister in there!" Too sweet.
  • She started saying "Oh my goodness!" and it is so funny.
  • Dan gave her a pancake and Olivia insisted that she wanted two pancakes. Dan took his fork and cut hers in half and goes "two." She goes "thank you dada" and was perfectly happy. Haha.
  • We've never made Olivia eat all her food for treats after dinner. She must have picked up something from school. Because after dinner I gave her a cookie. I asked Dan if he wanted one too and she looked at his plate and said "Dada - you has to eat all that before you get a cookie!" Haha. Touche Olivia. Dan finished his dinner first.
  • When we got home from the hospital Olivia said "mama, what's in your belly now that baby sister is here?" ... baby sister's house.
  • I was pumping and Olivia looked at me and pointed left "dis baby sisters" and then pointed right "and dis mine?" Haha - nope. But good thoughts.
  • On Valentines day we only had plans to grab Olivia donuts - but hadn't told her. If we tell her the night before, she wants them immediately. That morning I said "Olivia it's Valentines day!" and she immediately goes "no want to." Haha - so contrary. I told her that it didn't mean doing anything - but that we were going to have donuts for breakfast. She perked right up 'sprinkles donuts?'
  • She has this horrible fear of feathers. It's pretty funny actually. She stops everything and runs out of the room yelling for her dad to clear the danger (like me and bugs). Dan can pull a feather out of a pillow and she freaks. I have no idea where this comes from!
  • Olivia has gotten so smart and sarcastic. She will say something sarcastic and we will question her and she'll go "NOOOO" and laugh out loud. I never thought a 2.5 year old would under stand sarcasm. 
  • Dan was sitting near a mirror and Olivia runs up and says "hi two dadas" and bursts out laughing thinking she was the funniest thing on the planet.
  • I was holding Emma and walking down stairs with Olivia and she stopped, looked at me and said "careful mama on the stairs." She so sweet and always looking out for me and her baby sister. I could not love this little girl more!
I'm sure most of you would find these really boring, but I wanted to capture all of the sweet things Olivia does.

My parents got us a snowman building kit. It was too icy to build so we
improvised. Also, check out Olivia's snow boots.

When you don't own a sled.

My parents got her a valentines day sucker where the handle was lips. Too funny!


  1. All of these are precious and the photos couldn't be cuter!

  2. It seems like she grew up over night! She speaks so well and the sarcasm, LOVE it. It hard to believe that our babies will be three this year (secretly crying on the inside)

  3. I loved this and most of them remind me of Jack. Every afternoon when I pick him up from daycare he tells his teachers "bye, have a good weekend". Don't they wish and me too! Right now his favorite phrase is "you being mean mommy". Yesterday he just came into the room and said it out of the blue. Toddlers are wacky and I love it.

  4. She is too cute! I love this post! "Hold you" is one of my absolute favorite things to hear. I'll be sad the day Mila says, "Hold me" instead! I love the double thumbs up picture. We've tried to teach Mila thumbs up, but she always puts up her index fingers instead, lol.

  5. She's so sweet!! I love these little stories and quotes. Olive says Hold You Mama when she wants me to hold her and I know I'll be sad when she starts saying Mama will you hold me? I'd love to take more videos because I want to remember the way she says things and how her little voice sounded when she was two. Thanks for the reminder & hope you're doing well!!

  6. Love these! This is such an adorable age and I hate that I'm not writing down/ videoing the funny little things L is saying and doing. I've been meaning to for weeks bc I know it's not like I'll get any better about doing it now!! Lawter does some of these exact things too, like asks "mama, otay?" If she thinks I'm hurt and my heart melts. Sweet toddler talk.

  7. These are the sweetest!! Hold You is a an absolutely favorite of mine too!! She might just be the funniest thing on the planet :) and the cutest!!