Wednesday, February 17, 2016

My Favorite People

In order from youngest to oldest:

Emma: She is so sweet. She's so teeny. And I love having her lay on my chest and nap with her little newborn purr. I barely remember this with Olivia and I'm trying to soak it all in. She's a great eater and doesn't have much time for sleep - so I think she'll take after her mama and big sister. 

I'm trying to take a million pictures because I know how quickly this time flies by. Having a newborn round 2 is so much easier than newborn round 1. (Don't get me wrong, having a toddler throws in a whole new level of crazy.) But we aren't nearly as worried about Emma. I was obsessively googling how to get Olivia to sleep, assuming every new plan would work, and getting frustrated with her when it didn't work. This time, I'm much more laid back. The first 4-6 weeks there's nothing we can do. She'll eat when she eats and sleep when she sleeps. We are trying to make nights and days different so she'll eventually get that down. And, don't get me wrong, I still get frustrated at 4 am when all she has done is eat and I've had 0 sleep - but I don't blame her. She's just a teeny one and being a week old is such a big change and hard work.

She looks similar to her big sister - but I think she'll look pretty different when she's older. Her coloring is different - with her white eyebrows and eyelashes (compared to Olivia's dark ones). And there's something about her face shape and cheeks that just makes her look like a different baby. But I think we'll be able to tell they are sisters.

She's slowly waking up from that newborn coma and starting to cry more - but she loves a good cuddle. And I know how quickly they go from cuddling to saying "no mama" so I'll take everything I can get. I just love kissing her wrinkly forehead and having her warm heavy self lay on me. And those teeny feet!!

Not worried about holding her too much or spoiling her. As much as I did with Olivia, she turned independent in a heartbeat. I'll never let go, Jack Emma. I'll never let go. 

Olivia: Wow does she seem big now. I know proportionally she's larger than Emma. I have seen her with other babies and she is larger. But, for some reason, I swear she's gotten bigger, heavier and older in just a matter of days. I can't believe she was ever Emma's size. And I wonder where all the time has gone.

She's doing SO well with her baby sister. She always wants to "huggle" her. (Idk what that means - hold? snuggle? hug?) She always says hi and bye to "Emma baby" and wants to know where she is at all times. She is so thrilled to have a baby sister, help with diaper changes, and include her in everything we are doing. I tell her every night how proud I am of her. How things are different right now, but that pretty soon Emma won't need all of mom's time. Pretty soon Emma will be able to sit up and laugh and play. And that once Emma can laugh that Olivia will make her laugh harder than anyone else. And that I'm proud of Olivia for being so patient during this hard time - full of change. She really seems to get it. 

Meanwhile, Livi has been sick. She got sick the day my parents left. Her fever is better, so she's in school, but still has cold symptoms and has been extra tired. We've seen a few cranky nights that we don't normally have and I'm hoping they go away once she feels better. 

BUT - Dan and my parents have been around to give her extra attention, so we'll see if this changes quickly.

Dan: Where to even begin with Dan. Throughout the entire pregnancy, he was going above and beyond. I was so sick the first half, and with the heat of summer - he would always offer to pick up Olivia if I just couldn't make it. With all my hip and back pain, he was the one running around with Olivia outside, jumping on the trampoline, and even going up and down the stairs to get things so I didn't have to. He was also awesome on the nights of "I have nothing planned for dinner - can you figure out something for you and Olivia?" Most of you guessed that he loved the excuse to order a pizza.

Throughout labor, he was my rock. First of all, HUGE points for making me go to the hospital when I did. Second, HUGER points for noticing the epidural wasn't turned on. :) He kept telling me that I could do it, even through the pain. He was an advocate for me when I was feeling pretty weak. He held Emma to make sure she was comfortable when I couldn't. And he was sneaking me shot blocks and not telling me how pale I looked when I needed it most. 

After we both had been up for over 40 hours, he held Emma for a few hours so I could get some sleep without worrying about her crying in the hospital basinet. After he left to sleep in his bed, I kept telling Emma how she had the best dad in the world. That her big sister would tell her, but she didn't know how lucky she was.

Fast forward to life at home with Emma, and Dan is taking on all of the Olivia duties. He's making sure she has just as much attention and fun as she did before. (He's currently playing with her on the trampoline). He's doing drop off and pick up until I finish healing. He's back at work, yet also helping throughout the night. Last time I figured that if he was going back at work, I should do all the night shift so he can get a good nights sleep. With a toddler, you can't exactly sleep in or sleep when the baby sleeps. So he's been wonderful taking over Emma duties, getting her a bottle, or just jiggling her back to sleep when I'm beyond exhausted. 

Its going to be a wild ride with these two ladies, and there's no one else I'd rather have by my side.

My Parents: They had their bags packed a few weeks in advance and were ready for the call. I think it took them about 4 minutes to get in the car when I texted them on Monday. They then slept on the couch (no guest room) in case we were heading into L&D Monday night. (I can't imagine if we had to wait 30 more minutes for them to get up and over to our house from their hotel). They stayed with Livi, got her to and from school, brought her to the hospital, and entertained her so well. 

They cleaned our house, kept everything picked up, did our laundry, cooked us dinner every night (and insisted on them cleaning afterward until everything was spotless). They cooked during the day to stock our freezer with ready made meals. They cleaned up the garden. And then they were graciously kicked out after a few days. I wanted to figure out life with the four of us before Dan went back to work and it was just me. And I know they would have loved to stay and love on these two girls longer. Olivia keeps asking "where Papa and Gaga go?" and I know it wont be too long before they're back.

I don't know what we would have done without all of their help!


  1. Such a sweet tribute! Also Hal had those same Ralph Lauren pjs! Miss those teeny days!

  2. Such a sweet post! Emma is precious and I see that Olivia is already loving on that precious baby. It is wonderful that you have such great support. From the instagram pictures it looks like you are rocking it being a mama to two little gals.

  3. Love this! Ahhh sweet baby snuggles, I can't wait! (and we have that same shirt packed for L's trip to the hospital as big sis too!) So glad life is good with your two girls, and your parents and Dan are rock stars! Thank goodness for a great support team!!

  4. Emma is precious and this post totally made me cry. I'm such a sap these days. The big sister pep talks did me in... and gave me some good ideas of things to talk about with Olive. You're such a good mama and it sounds like Dan is being a rockstar helping out wherever he's needed. Glad you're being well taken care of and loving life as a mama of 2. Enjoy all those snuggles :)

  5. I am so glad to hear you all are doing so well. Emma is a beautiful baby. I can definitely see Olivia in her (especially in the first pic) but she does look like her own self! And Olivia sounds like she is doing so well as a big sister! You are so lucky to have Dan, and how wonderful it is that he's doing so much to help you in the middle of the night and with Olivia. You've got a keeper! Can't wait for more updates (or Instagram pics) of that gorgeous little girl!! Congrats again.

  6. Oh this post had me in tears, and the pictures of you with the girls .. overwhelmingly beautiful!