Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Two Weeks with Two Kids

I can't believe Emma is already two weeks old. Soon she'll be leaving us for college.

I've been reading through old blog posts to remember what life was like with Olivia at this age (I barely remember) - so I want to take time to document Emma. But time is hard these days.

Dan took a week of vacation after having her and then went back to work. But he still picked Olivia up from school the first week. This week, we've been on our own and doing really well. 

Emma still doesn't sleep much at night. After a few hours of feeding and rocking, I sent Dan in to try for half an hour. She's definitely my child. Come morning and a cup of coffee all is forgiven.

Olivia went from narcoleptic newborn to fussy baby at the 3 week mark. So I think we've got one more week before life goes crazy on us. So I'm soaking up the "two kids is easy!" for another few days. 

Olivia is great with her and wants Emma to be a part of everything that she does. Even when Emma is napping. Poor Emma gets woken up, poked, and 'huggled' at all hours. It will be much harder having her on a schedule than it was with Olivia. We still need to feed O and get her down, pick her up from school, and sometimes Emma's nap or eating will be a little messed up. But hopefully she'll learn to go with the flow, and we'll learn a little more of a schedule that works for both of them.

Emma sleeps in her crib (and Dan and I just ordered the DockAtot, which hopefully will be the miracle that the amazon reviews say it is) and naps wherever: arms, bouncy seat, Moby wrap, swing or carseat. She has a few hours a day where she eats every 30-45 minutes and is pretty fussy. That should go away around 3-4 months. I'm waking her every 2.5 hours to eat during the day and she's making sure to return the favor by waking me up more often at night ;).

I love having a little newborn to cuddle and hold. And love when she's wrapped up the moby like my kangaroo baby. I am also loving every minute with my little sidekick, Olivia. She's getting smarter and more articulate - and FUNNY. By the minute. I need to post an update on her so I don't forget all these little things. But she's turning into a kid - and I am loving this time with her. 

I'm so lucky that Olivia loves her baby sister as much as she does. I think this would be much harder on her if she didn't like Emma. I keep telling her how proud I am of her, and I do tell Emma to "wait, I'm with your big sister now" to help keep Olivia from feeling like Emma gets all the attention. When others are fussing over Emma, I ask Olivia to tell them her name and show them her baby - so Olivia gets attention to. Overall, I think I was just blessed with a two year old with a heart of gold who really cares about her sister. I know we'll have our moments, but, overall, I'm just so proud of her!

Wait about a week and I'll post "what did we do? our lives are crazy. send nannies." But so far, life is wonderful.

Emma's first bath - decorated by big sister.

Making cookies with my big girl:


  1. Love the matching headbands and the bath crayons! So cute! Both adorable as ever!

  2. So sweet! Frame that valentine's day picture and pull it out every year until the girls are grown :) Glad your days are still going well. I'm definitely taking notes and hope Olive loves her brother as much as Olivia loves Emma. I love your little talks and how you tell Emma to hang on you're helping Olivia. Smart mama!! Your girls are the cutest :)

  3. aww so sweet. Love that she loves her sister. My friend just had her second and her first had no interest at first but is slowly coming around. I love getting those updates =) That decorated tub pic is too funny though, just totally seems like the poster for a second child!

  4. Sweet girls! I love that Olivia is loving on Emma and being such a sweet big sis! I hope I'm so lucky with mine!

  5. Congratulations Kelley, Dan and Ruby. I'm going to call her Stella! She is beautiful!

  6. So so sweet!! I'm so overjoyed for you guys!!