Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Catching Up Part 2

Painting with real paint is kind of her favorite thing. This was her finishing up the artwork for her big girl room.

Paintbrush + Finger Paint is extra fun!

Riding Harry in our grocery store. He is one cent. How can I say no?

Helping mama cook dinner. Takes ten times as long but she loves it!

This was during our cringe worthy potty training days, hence the tarp on the floor. But Dan calls her stroller her "homeless cart." Because she packs on everything she can to cart it around the house. Baby. Baby carrier. Other baby. Bracelets. Farmhouse. Stickers. Make up bag. And not pictured, two sippy cups.

She loves her some bubbles.

I was running low on activities so I decided to have her string cheerios onto a pipecleaner and then we could bend them into a bracelet. She was more interested in eating the sample than making her own. Oh well. At least I got to sit for a bit.

Olivia insisted on wearing this 12 month skirt she found. It was the same day her little friend CJ was coming over. Dan was appalled that she chose the shortest skirt possible when she had a boy over and made her wear little bike shorts underneath. I was just proud that she picked out a quilted navy skirt and riding boots. Little fashionista.

Doc McStuffins band aids are the coolest things around!


  1. Homeless cart - haha :) That seems to be a fun game at our house, too. Love the painting, painted toe nails and the Cheerio project. Olivia looks so proud helping you make dinner. Definitely takes longer, but it sure is cute.

  2. Omg, I'm craving up! The homeless cart and short skirt! Never a dull moment with miss Olivia!

  3. She's so funny! Lawter also totally looks like a little homeless lady pushing around her shopping cart filled to the brim with odds and ends! Olivia really is a fab little dresser- the skirt and boots get two thumbs up (just not from Dan!!! Bahahaha)