Saturday, February 6, 2016

Catching Up Part 1

Getting all of the unshared Olivia pictures off of my phone!

Sweet little girl sleeping in the car with her pink toes and baby doll.

When we went to my parents this summer, Dan and I could NOT figure out how to get the fan turned on. We did the pull strings, used the light switch, every combination we could think of. Olivia grabs the remote (which we didn't know existed) turns on the fan, and then immediately uses it to call and chat with her friend Lorelei. Probably about how dumb her parents are.

Very rare that we catch her sleeping with enough light in the room to take a photo. 

Most of the time she's like this:

When she insisted on one pink hand and one purple hand. Love this sweet girl.

Crazy hair don't care. And all the pacis. 

More sleeping.

She did all of this and then told Dan she was ready for school. Lunchbox. Check. Mismatched outfit. Check. Bow. Check. Baby stroller and make up bag. Check. Check. Dad's Cole Haans. Check?

Some cucumber water, a cell phone and some truffle fries is all Olivia needs to go out to dinner at the hipster restaurant uptown.


  1. love these. she is so darn cute. Lawtie is a similar little diva, grabbing her "hone (the large one from her play kitchen bahhaa), bag and keys" yesterday after I told her to go put on her boots because we were about to leave. So impressed O is a fingernail paint girl and has been for so long; Lawter loves the idea of it and asks me to but I don't trust her for the execution yet. Whether or not she'll remain still and seated for the duration of toenail painting is still hit or miss but I'll at least humor her with that part!

  2. Love this post!!! She is getting way too big! The one of her standing in the crib - she's like a teenager!! So sweet!!

  3. Such cute moments! I love her nails and love the silly shots. These little people are too smart - that fan story is so funny! Glad she figured it out for you. Thinking of you as you enter the HOMESTRETCH of your pregnancy. Take it easy lady and keep us posted :)