Monday, September 7, 2015

17 Weeks

The nausea seems almost completely gone this week - and it is WONDERFUL. I still feel sick sometimes, but its usually from eating sugar or being hungry - two things I can avoid. 

Sugar is starting to sound better - but I just don't react well after eating it. #boy

The tiredness is creeping in. My iron is on the lowest end of normal and I can feel it. She said if you are anemic in one pregnancy, it's worse and earlier in the subsequent - so she's waiting for it. But she's going to wait to test again in 4 weeks to start iron treatment, and I'm worried it'll be a few weeks too late like last time. 

Speaking of tired, my tornado of a child only wants to play outside. I grabbed all her toys, my water, and a lawnchair so I could sit in the front yard while she played. She was happy as a clam and I realized I forgot to fold my laundry (after running it back a third time) - I grabbed my laundry basket and sat back in my chair to fold while Olivia continued to play.

Dan pulls into the driveway, sees me, in a lawn chair in our front yard, folding laundry, using another lawn chair to 'hang' the hanging pieces. He goes "what kind of trailer park have you turned this place into?" I guess that escalated quickly. 


  1. Looking great!! Glad to hear you're starting to feel better. Hope the temps cool off soon for you so that playing outside is a little more fun for everyone. LOVE your new hair :)

  2. You look amazing!! I think you missed the point of the lawn chair - it's to relax!! Forget the laundry :) I hope your iron doesn't get to low before the next check.

  3. You look adorable and so does your hair; I love it! I'm so glad you're starting to feel better other than being tired. If I could bring Mason up there and let him and Olivia run there little butts of I would! hahaha

  4. Oh my gosh that trailer park comment from Dan! Too funny. I could totally picture myself doing something like that. You look great! I'm glad you're feeling better too! xo