Monday, September 21, 2015

Destin Part 1

Long overdue, per usual.

Destin is my favorite place on the planet, per usual.

We went with my family and had the best time.

Beach manicure. (After the fact). Neon.

Olivia is such a beach bum. She just loved going in the water "no mama no dada" when we tried to hold her. She wanted to swim all by herself. She loved riding the waves in her floaty - hanging on the beach with a snack - or building a sand castle.

She had the sweetest beach set up with her little baby pool.

This water. It's paradise. 

Now you see her. Now you don't.

The pool wasn't as much fun because the lifeguard wouldn't let her jump in. Plus, we have a better pool at home. So we tried to spend most of the time at the beach. But we also spent some time relaxing in the condo.

Dan and I went to Cuvee Destin for a dinner date one night, which was wonderful. I had the crab legs where they split the legs for you and you simply eat them with a fork. YUM! 

My mom and I ended up going back for a girls dinner a few nights later. 

My parents watched Olivia during her nap two days in a row. We went down to the beach. Relaxed. Just sat in silence and listened to the ocean. Staring at how crystal clear the water is. One day we walked to the beach front restaurant for lunch in our swimsuits. I could seriously stay here forever. It made me really resent work. We have a place to stay in paradise, and only make it down here once a year because I have no vacation time. Made me want to be a SAHM and spend a few weeks out of the summer at the beach. OR, better yet, win the lottery so we don't ever have to work. ;) Overall, a very productive week for me. Haha.

Family beach pictures up next.


  1. Win the lotto! Sounds like a good plan. Such great photos. Love the beach set up with the pool. I've seen that around and always think it is a good idea. If we ever spent a good chunk of time on the beach I'd try to remember a pool.

  2. Destin is so beautiful!! I haven't been in a few years and your pictures make me want to book a trip ASAP. It looks like the weather was perfect for you. Olivia did have a great set up with her floaties and that inflatable pool. Toddler dream come true!! I'm sure it was amazing to have some alone time and date nights. Hooray for family! PS Your ring is gorgeous!!

  3. Olivia is the cutest in her swimsuit and painted toes! Love it! Looks like a great time!