Monday, August 31, 2015

16 Weeks

16 weeks .. a few days late.

To avoid the bathroom mirror selfie (and the next best thing is the bathroom, next to a mirror, non-selfie), I am trying to get Dan to take the pictures. The number of times that he is home AND I'm not sweating or covered in bubbles is very rare, apparently. So I drug him out of bed at 6 am to take this before running off to work.

I chopped all my hair off. I'll grow it out again, but right now its so light and easy.

I'm up 10 pounds. Which, if you are counting, is 8 pounds higher than with Olivia at this point. BUT, this baby currently weights 0.25 pounds. So it's not all me, yall.

Still not sleeping well. If it isn't insomnia, I'm up every hour to pee. That never went away with Olivia until I had her, so I think I just better get used to tired. Tired with a toddler is a whole new meaning of tired.


  1. You look adorable!! Good photo, Dan. Love that dress on you and you would never in a million years notice you've gained any weight so far. Hope you get a little more rest than usual this week :)

  2. Oh my goodness how cute are you! Love your hair!! After 3 kids I pee like a preggo all the time - ha! I always like to separate boob weight when weighing in - I have no clue how to calculate their weight but I know they weigh a lot and just continue to grow - ha :)

  3. You look too cute! Keep feeding that babe!

  4. You look fantastic! And I'm looking for new black closed toe wedges- where did you find those? Love them!