Tuesday, September 8, 2015

First Trimester Lifesavers Round 2

I already did this the first time around, but have found much better items this time, and I wanted to share. 

1. Preggie pop drops. I didn't believe in these. So much so that I never once tried them when sick with Olivia, or this time until about 13 weeks. But, holy crap, they work. They wont make you feel 100%, but they take the edge off every time. I have no idea why they work. I've tried other sour candies and lemon drops - but there's something magic about them.

2. Dry Shampoo. I don't know why it took me so long to join the dry shampoo craze, but this is a life saver, not just a first trimester lifesaver. I asked the girl at Sephora and she said she was the 'dry shampoo queen' and had used every single one Sephora sells and likes Dry Bar the best. I can go 5 or so days without washing my hair and it has saved so much time in my life. I'm always begging for more hours in the day, and this one helps! There is a brunette version too.

3. Yeti cup. First of all, you need to drink a lot more water while pregnant. Dan just got this for my birthday and I'm obsessed. I loved tervis tumblers because they don't sweat. But never loved the fact that they weren't BPA free, plus the fact that BPA and BPA free plastics can both be bad for you - can't win. So this is a stainless steel cup that doesn't sweat. That was enough for me to want it. Says it keeps ice longer. This time around, in this summer heat, one huge thing to keep me from throwing up is ice cold water. 

Dan put ice water in it at 6pm and said, "you think it'll stay cold all night long?" And I was all "no, you idiot, longer means like 5 hours, not all night." Well .. the ice was still in the water at noon the next day. This is crazy. A normal sized straw fits in the mouth piece. It's heavy, but I could use a good arm workout these days.

4. Orange juice. I can't get down the normal prenatals without orange juice. I thought other juices, soda, ginger ale, would have a stronger flavor, but for some reason OJ is the only thing that masks it. I keep a mini one in the fridge and use it for the vitamins throughout the week.

5. Gummy prenatals. I did my best to take my normal prenatal every day - I need the iron, and the gummy ones don't have as many vitamins as other brands. But there were many times when the vitamin would not go down or stay down. I love having these as back up.

6. Fruit popsicles. It was HOT this year. And Olivia wanted to only play outside. And I could only drink so much ice water. These were a great little treat for both of us in the afternoons.

7. La Croix Curate. Especially the pineapple strawberry. The curate has a stronger flavor and tastes like a soda. No sodium, fake sugars, sugars, calories, or stevia. When you need a break from water. Or need a pretend cocktail. This is my jam. 


  1. Those are my husband's favorite popsicles. I'm very intrigued by that water bottle. Anything that keeps ice icy that long gets my vote :) Glad you've found some great products to make life easier during pregnancy. I've been a dry shampoo fan for a while, but have never tried that brand. I'm adding it to my wish list :)

  2. La Croix waters and outshine fruit pops are staples in our house! (I've never had the strawberry pineapple though- yum!!)