Sunday, March 8, 2015

Super Quick and Healthy Toddler Breakfast Idea #6

This is one is the most simple - and although not a full breakfast, often looked over.


It doesn't take that long to cut up fruit, but it can make or break a quick morning. Then you have to wash the knife and the cutting board. (And sometimes you go to put the cutting board in the dishwasher and you realize it's clean, and you hope that no one noticed because whoever realizes its clean is supposed to unload it. Just us?)

We always have berries on hand - Olivia's favorite are raspberries and blue berries. And we'll add them to her plate in the morning. No cutting, just a quick rinse and her microwaved eggs make a well rounded breakfast.

Also - for some of those recipes that call for adding fruit - just use berries instead. Throw some into yogurt, oatmeal, pancakes or muffins. You skip the entire step of cutting up the fruit. 

Seems simple, but it can save quite a bit of valuable minutes.

Idea #6

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