Friday, March 27, 2015

Nail Tips for the Lazy

Pre-Olivia, I loved painting my nails. 

Post Olivia, I only wash my hair every third day, so who has time for nails? #atleastIshower

Well, I have found two tricks for any mom. (I have the worst nails, please don't judge. This isn't some style blog - it's just for the lazy A).

1. Sally Hansen Insta Dry

I found this stuff on Olivia's first birthday. We had the blush and gold theme, and when grabbing a last minute item from the grocery store, saw gold "insta dry" nail polish. Not believing in it - I mean, come on, how many have sworn they dry in 60 seconds, and failed? - I painted one nail in the store (sorry if that's immoral) and before I could finish in the aisle, that nail was dry. One coat. 60 seconds. The label was true. I immediately grabbed a few more colors. 

I have a problem with nail polish drying. Is it just me? I have friends who wait five minutes in the nail salon and are on with their lives. I legit can't touch anything for 2 hours, and then have to go to bed because I'll screw it up. This one dries. In 60 seconds.

And it only takes one coat for a full shiny color. See?

It doesn't stay on long, maybe a day or two (I'm rough on nails) - but it's great for a quick color right before you head out, in the car on the way there, or in the parking lot before you walk in.

2. I swear I dont work for Sally Hansen. But, Sally, you're welcome to pay me. I'll send you my paypal.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel.

10 days, no chips

Two coats of their "miracle gel" nailpolish and one coat of their "miracle gel" topcoat. It dries like normal nail polish, so I do have to wait. And then go to bed.

But it says it stays on 14 days. And it stays on 14 days. By day 10 I'm usually sick of it. It removes with normal nail polish. No tinfoil in acetone, or whatever other lengths you've gone to for gel polish. And it feels like normal nailpolish, not thick like gel.

This is it after 10 days. Again, awful nails, but no chips. #legit

I'm super impressed - and just had to share if you need some time back. 


  1. Love their insta-dri! Also love jamberry! It takes a little longer, but they stay on forever!

  2. I rarely take the time to paint my nails because I don't have time to sit like a statue waiting for them to dry. Sooooo your insta polishes might just be a game changer. I'll have to pick some up at the store on my next grocery store run. I also love the idea of 14 day nails that I can do myself. Love the color you chose and LOVE your ring!! Thanks for the tips :)

  3. I got a bottle of the insta-dry in the mail from a fellow blogger. I haven't tried it yet but now I really want to. My nails take forever to dry also. I'm talking like fo-ever. I paid 25 dollars in December to get my nails done (so stupid). Before I even made it to the car I screwed them up.

  4. Dry time was the main reason why I stopped painting my nails. I'll have to go get some insta-dry and give it a try!

  5. Love this! I am so lazy about my nails and never have the patience to let them dry all the way. Definitely getting a bottle of that insta dry though!

  6. I'm the exact same way when I get my nails done - I keep my hands in that awkward "I'm drying my nails" stance for roughly 4.5 hours. I love the insta-dry stuff and it's great to use on Olivia since the minute I put polish on her she wants to rub her hands or feet together right after!

  7. Insta-dry?!? I need this! Your nails look great. I love painting my nails but always end up with creases!