Sunday, March 22, 2015

Spoiled Rotten

I can't believe how quickly time goes by. And how quickly weekends go by. I really think all of corporate America should partake in 3 day weekends. If the whole country had 4 day weeks, I think we'd get the same amount of work done. And have more time for families. 

The weekends are flying by and I want to soak up all the time I can get with Olivia. 


This morning, I got up before anyone in the house and finished laundry, meal planned, and went to the grocery store - so none of that would take up time with that precious baby.

I also splurged and got her a water table. My dad taught her how fun the sink is - so I just knew she'd love a water table.

AND - because she's spoiled rotten - a slide. The slide is her favorite on the playground at daycare. She's a wild and stubborn one at home, but she's really a pushover at daycare - so the boys takeover the slide. Now she has one that is all hers.

Her face absolutely lit up when she saw it. At Christmas I think she was still a little too little to understand 'presents.' She just played with stuff as if it was a playground, or someone else's house. Today, she looked at me like 'its all mine?' And then could not stop laughing she was so thrilled! 

And when you're sopping wet from the water table, it goes a little faster than you anticipate.

Don't worry. She burst out laughing after she landed. And Dan now knows where we keep the diaper covers.


  1. I love this! She is so so precious! And I totally agree with you! 4 day work weeks sound amazing! Ps I thanks for reminding me to tell the hubby where the diaper covers are!

  2. Those pictures are too, too cute! Yay for fun outdoor play activities!! And I totally agree about the 3 day weekend thing. I wish that were the norm! Hope you all had a fun weekend!

  3. What a fun weekend!! I'm sure Olivia is in toddler heaven with that slide and water table. I was thinking of buying Olive a water table for her 2nd birthday so you'll have to tell me more about yours :) I love her polkadotty outfit and love the sheer joy on her face with all of her new toys. You are such a fun mom to come home with these surprises for her. Oh and I'd vote YES to that four day work week idea in a heart beat. Hope your week goes by quickly so that you can have another fun weekend :)

  4. Awww, that last face is Priceless! I thought about getting her a slide when we were at Garden Ridge! Funny. She's going to enjoy that. When it gets hot...slide into a blow-up pool her size!

  5. I got Jack a slide and he doesn't just love it. Now what he will do is get at the top of the slide and jump off. What he does love is the big trampoline we got for him. He and his cousin love to get on there and act rowdy.

  6. Ruby gets cuter every day

  7. Oh I love this post!! What a fun day! The slide pictures are adorable - especially the last one!