Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Catching Up

It's been awhile! It's not for a lack of ideas - I could talk all day. Our life just seems a little busier.  I have had a little more work than normal. Olivia has had a little less naps than normal. And with daylight savings and warmer weather, we have been pushing Olivia's bed time later. 

So we've spent way more time with Olivia and way less time doing normal adult things, like making our bed. 

Anywhoo -

Our first day of warmer weather, Olivia insisted on dressing herself. 

She's clapping for herself. I'm too hot.

Seeing her little painted toes in her Sea Wees (adorable!) - it just hit me that she's no longer a baby. She seems like such a big kid now. Because of white sandals. Clearly.

On the second hot day, Olivia also insisted on dressing herself.

Snow suit. Blush mocs. All the rage.

She still likes her cozy coupe, but it was the gateway drug to more adventure. She insists on riding on top now. So Dan attached her kitchen chair to the top to make it more sturdy. Not sure this double decker has the latest and greatest safety features.

The next two days, I dressed her.

She spends most of picture time trying to put my lens cap back on for me.

And today she showed me that she's a teenager.

I love this little girl more and more every day. And every day she is showing us her personality. I love how she is who she is regardless of things around her. She is such our little girly girl - but one who's always up for an adventure. 

She loves all things pink, baby dolls, bows, bracelets, shoes and purses. She found a bathing suit I bought her for summer, threw the straps over her shoulder, wore it around as a purse, kept putting things in it, and getting frustrated as they fell out the leg hole. 

She's shy with people she doesn't know really well - but a wild child at home with us. She loves to be tickled, thrown, chased, and flung around. She stomp-runs (toddler style) so fast that her cheeks shake, yelling "uhhhuhhhuhhhhuhhhh."

The doctor got a taste of not-shy Olivia today as she was running around, opening the door and darting down the hallway, climbing chairs, emptying my purse - she kept saying "she is wild - that's the busiest toddler I have ever seen - how do you possibly have the energy to keep up with her - I'm tired just watching you two." That's our baby. Never slows down unless she's in her bed. That's who she is and I wouldn't have it any other way.


  1. I hear ya on the being busy doing adult stuff. Olivia looks like she's grown a foot and her hair...I'm in love with it! I don't think my OCD could handle Mason dressing himself lol. You guys can borrow some of our heat. Today's high was 93...our car said it was 112. We beat the heat by watching Frozen. Which is now stuck in my head

  2. I'm loving this glimpse of Olivia's summer wardrobe! Those sandals are adorable and those painted toes are so sweet. I've yet to paint Olive's toes - do tell your toddler toe painting secrets! I love all the candid shots of her in action - on the phone, on her double decker cozy coupe (maybe your hubby should market this upgrade?!?) and her helping with your lens cap. She's such a cutie!!

  3. Oh Olivia! You kill me! You are so so sweet! She sounds so much like Hallie! Wild on the inside and shy on the outside!

  4. As much as I adore all her smiley pictures b/c she is such a doll, I love the one where she is just looking at you without smiling. Girl has some style too!

  5. The girl has some serious fashion skills. She already knows what looks best on her. I think you may have to pack up the snow suit though or the gal will be working it on a daily. I see your husband has some engineering skills. It's all good until the child wants you to push them around like that all the time. It can be such a workout. :)