Friday, July 4, 2014

Five on Friday

1. Olivia just started sitting long enough to read a book without trying to chew it. We can get through Goodnight Moon 1.5 times, which is about 38 seconds of her sitting still - but it makes my night. When I pull the book out, she lights up and smiles huge.

2. For months now, it is impossible to change Olivia's diaper. I thought for sure it was a phase, but nope. I start to change her, grab her feet, and she flips right over - before I know it, I'm wheelbarrowing her naked butt across the room. Does this ever end? I kind of imagine it only getting worse.

3. About a month back Olivia started growling. I'm not sure why. She would look at us and go rawrrrrrr. Then. She decided to use the same voice to say mama. It comes out as this exorcist style 'mama' thats the creepiest thing we have ever heard. Dan and I laughed because we felt so uncomfortable. Olivia thought, 'that went over incredibly well. they love it. i will continue the growl mama.' Great. 

4. For Dan's birthday party, Olivia wore gold on gold on gold. I'm obsessed.

5.  Watch out roads, Dan and I have a new DD.

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