Saturday, July 26, 2014

Seven on Saturday

Missed the whole Five on Friday thing - and I'm sure I can come up with two more.

1. When we went out to dinner last week, I dressed Olivia and I as twins. Really, she was dressed super cute, so I tried to match her. Even the shoes. 

2. D: Who sings this? Is it Adele?

K: I'll Shazam it.
K: One republic. That's that boy band of 16 year olds from England.

D: That's One Direction.

K: Oh.

We're going to be such hip parents. 

Olivia shut the door and locked him out.

3. I have a decorative bowl of silver pine cones and Olivia was playing with them. I asked her, can you put a pinecone in the bowl - and she put one in. I said can you take one out, and she took one out. I said, can you take another one out, and she dumped the entire bowl upside down. She looked at me like, 'you clown, if you wanted multiple out, dumping it was much more efficient.'

4. This is how she eats these days. No time for sitting. Sometimes clothed.

5. Dan let Olivia pick out her lunch for daycare. She chose breastmilk and pears. Good choice! Also, she loves playing in the freezer.

6. We invested in a high chair last weekend and it is has been the best thing ever. The bumbo worked, but she was always trying to escape and always within arms reach of our wine glasses, which, as you can imagine, never ended well. She will sit in her high chair for half an hour eating with us - it is the best thing ever. Hello family dinners again! We went with the ikea blames. 

7. Olivia climbed the stairs all the way to the top last week. With supervision, of course.


  1. OMG, laughed out loud! Plus she's soooo cute

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Marci! We have no complaints about the high chair! Plus, it's easy to clean!