Sunday, June 29, 2014

Lemon Martini

We took Olivia to Cowfish for drinks one night.

No lie. 

They said the wait would be 30 minutes.

After grabbing a drink at the bar and waiting 1.5 hours, we left.

They have a lemon martini that is delicious. 

Well .. it comes with sweet and sour mix, which I don't like. If you leave that out, it is delicious. Delicious and dangerous, because its mostly just alcohol. 

At $12 per martini, I was determined to make it at home. 

After four tries and our mouths numb, we figured out the recipe.

You're welcome.

3 parts Lemoncello
2 parts Lemon Vodka
0.5 parts Sprite
(most things say 'splash' of Sprite .. I like to measure)

Mix it all up in a shaker. Add a lemon slice.

I chose to pour it into a champagne glass. I do own martini glasses, but, let's be honest, that's like drinking off of a plate. 



  1. You're so funny! After seeing the wine glass I thought "Oh, she needs martini glasses..." until I read further. Point taken! :-)

  2. Replies
    1. I never did a post for his bday. Worst wife ever. You can see who rules the roost around here ... Olivia!