Thursday, July 17, 2014

Olivia - Nine Months

Height: 28.5 inches (80%)
Weight: 17.5 pounds (40%)

Sleep: She is still sleeping 7-7ish. She naps around 9-11 (weekends, not at daycare) and then 2-4/5. She reads books before bed and goes down so well.

Eating: She has 5 bottles (6+ ounces each) and then 2 meals of solids. We're supposed to start 3 meals now. She doesn't love baby food. She loves fruit and anything we're eating. So I've started feeding her mozzarella tomato salad, portobello mushrooms, peaches and cottage cheese, corn on the cob, etc. She still would much rather play than eat, though. 

Milestones: She is pulling up on everything and cruising all the furniture. She can also go from standing to sitting (something that you wouldn't think takes time to learn!) She can stand by herself for a few seconds, but only when she doesn't notice. When she notices, she panics and sits down. I think we've still got a while until she's walking (Dan was walking at nine months).

Clothes / Diapers: Still size 3 diapers, and mostly true to size in clothes. She's a skinny little thing, so pants can be pretty big in the waist. 

Best Moment of the Month: Olivia learning to clap. It's so uncoordinated and cute. When she would learn to sit, she would fall kind of hard so I would clap to keep her from crying. Now every time she sits she claps for herself. 

Parent of the Month Award: This goes to Dan for eating Olivia's food. For whatever reason, he loves fruit purees. He eats the ones that are applesauce packets - the same packets that baby food now comes in. These preferences will serve him well when he is 90 and has the same number of teeth as Olivia. Anyway, I keep catching him stealing bites of her food 'to entice her' (his excuse) and finishing up what she doesn't eat. If Olivia is hungry, we know who the culprit is. 

Favorites: Mostly just pulling up and cruising furniture. She doesn't like to sit down. She really likes door knobs now. But since she can't reach them, we have to pull up a chair for her to stand on while she plays with the door knob. She cries when we take it away. She is loving books too. Maybe it's because she knows it stalls bed time and nap time, but she lights up whenever we bring out a book. We are all loving the pool. It really entertains Olivia (and wears her out) and we have been going every chance we can. 

As far as products, we love these baby spoons (and have tried a couple) and Olivia loves this table. Other than that, we really aren't using many baby products. Olivia mostly loves the furniture and anything that isn't a toy. She's pretty low maintenance at this age. 

We had trouble with the pictures this month - Olivia is too busy for the paparazzi these days. I had to give her my lens cap so she would sit still for a minute.

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