Friday, July 18, 2014

Five on Friday

1. I forgot to mention Dan's birthday. We had about twelve people over for kabobs, pinterest water, and a Jack Daniels station.

What man birthday is complete without a Jack Daniels station?

Olivia wore gold on gold on gold. But I've already mentioned that.

2. Last weekend we had five couples over. We were up until 1 am. Olivia woke up for the first time since she was itty bitty at 5 am. By 930, Dan and I had eaten breakfast and lunch...and taken a nap! 

For pictures, she wore this:

3. Chicka loves to wave.

We don't know what she thinks waving is. She waves at trees. Computer screens. Cash registers. Paper. And the mirror. Always the mirror. I wish I knew what was going through that little head. What triggers waving in her mind?

4. Starbucks. Who doesn't love it? Good thing she can't drink through a straw yet.

5. She's been holding her left pointer finger up wherever she goes, with a serious look on her face. It make's us laugh and we keep calling her "#1 Baby." 


  1. You know how to throw a good party! And, what can I say...Olivia is always adorable!