Monday, September 9, 2013

Caprese Salad

I am apparently awful at growing tomatoes. The worst part is that the plant doesn't die. It produces tons of baby green tomatoes, and then they stop growing and all start to turn red, and then rot. It's such a tease.

They never grow to their full size and then ripen. I've spent money on organic fungicides, organic pesticides, miracle grow, etc. Out of my two plants, hours of watering, three months time (and still growing!), and around 100 green tomatoes, I have only gotten two ripe ones. I think that means that each tomato cost me about $10 - $15. 

Jalapenos though? I'm growing a tree out back, this plant is so happy. 

Anyway, at least we made something delicious with the two tomatoes my crop yielded this summer. 

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